In Memory of Pete Entry
From: florine hughes
Location: Dallas,Texas
Hi! Just a few words today. I recently read some of your poetry and its was good. Pete you are the best. When God created you he knew what he did. You were smart, sweet, funny and very serious. Miss you a lot. Love hearing you talk on the shows you were in and singing ooooh I wished you had recorded some songs that would've been grrrreat! Love you Love you Love you how many ways can I say it. I know you're watching from above and seeing all the love your fans have for you and I have for you. Alias Smith and Jones is a great show and will continue running and I will continue to watch it. sweet
Posted on: Friday - Jun 28, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: JackieH
Pete... I know you are resting with the are loved and missed.
Posted on: Monday - Jun 17, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: florine hughes
Location: dallas,texas
Dear Pete I love you. It's been awhile but you are one beautiful young man. I watch Alias Smith and Jones every evening when I get home from work. I enjoy your voice that beautiful smile just makes a girls day. As a teen I wanted to come to LA just to hang out with you. Just sit and hear you read sing and even watch you sketch art. Listen to you talk about your causes that you take care of. Now as I stated before you were a great humanitarian you loved Gods world and we are preserving it. Not a lot of smoke filled air. Love you for that. Just by reading , watching and listening to you . Love
Posted on: Saturday - Jun 8, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Karen wright
Location: Hoddesdon
I just love and miss you pete ! so very much .. RIP beautiful man !!
Posted on: Friday - Jun 7, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Rex & Teresa Norton
Location: Gorin,Mo.
We are watching the move,"The Day They Hanged Kid Curry".. A terrific actor! Such a terrible loss... Mad
Posted on: Friday - Jun 7, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Paul
Location: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
I have Alias Smith & Jones + Gidget on DVD, wish Love On A Rooftop were available. Thanks Pete for the joy you still bring into my life watching your shows, memorial video very touching. Great tribute. Your ending was sad, hope God has a better place for you. Take care.
Posted on: Friday - May 31, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
Location: essex, uk
I love the tribute video live forever on this home page. pete looks stunning in every shot. also like the track too thank you. Brad pitt, tom cruise, leonardo decaprio. what's all that about? Not a patch on the beautiful pete. are there any pete fans out there who want to email me? .
Posted on: Thursday - May 30, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Brenda Marquez
Location: Graham Washington
I use to watch the show every week and when I heard of his passing I sat in my six grade class and cried . I thought then that he was the cutest man alive and still today I think that way . I was 11 years old when he passed . Hollywood lost a great actor I think he would of even bigger than what he already is if he wouldn't of taken his life . Rest in peace Pete . Brenda Wink
Posted on: Monday - May 27, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Julie
Location: Kent
Reading all the other entries, it's amazing how adjectives about Pete, and feelings for him are so similar from one person to the next. I just wanted to say to Jan Busell, you might remember me....I started the Pete Duel Ecology Committee in London. I couldn't remember the name of the person who took it over after I got swamped by the sheer number of people who wanted to carry on Pete's message of Peace and Ecology Now. I'm very proud to hear that you carried it on. I still cherish one of the badges I had made! It reminds me of the wonderful man who inspired me all those years ago. Dear Pete X
Posted on: Wednesday - May 22, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: D.S Witcher
Location: Texas
I used to audio tape the tv shows to listen to. We didn't have videos back then. I actually still have some of them. Of course now I also have the dvd's. Pete was very handsome but he had a gentleness about him that let you know he cared very deeply. He was an extraordinary person who left this world far too soon.
Posted on: Monday - May 20, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
Location: essex. uk
I'm sure other fans can relate to this but the first time I ever saw his face I was blown away by his physical beauty.he also was a kind and sensitive soul caring about the enviroment and loved his dogs. Went far too soon but never forgotten.I see that hansome face every day as he is my wallpaper on my phone.x
Posted on: Friday - May 17, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
Location: UK
Posted on: Thursday - May 16, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Becky
Location: Sebring, FL
I was a small girl when Alias Smith & Jones was on television and it was my favorite show. I remember feeling crushed when I heard at Pete Duel had passed away. It's sad to read the show that gave such pleasure gave Pete such frustration. I hope he now knows how many hearts he touched and how loved he is, even after all these years.
Posted on: Wednesday - May 15, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Mark
Location: Memphis
My best friend, Tony Assenmacher, and I used to pretend to be Hayes and Curry. I was Hayes, he was Curry. We were 11 years old. I was the smart one so I was Hayes, naturally! We used to love the show and were way too young to understand why Pete Duel left the series and our lives. It was an important part of my life and many things about my personality come from the confidence instilled in me from Pete Duel. He has been missed.
Posted on: Saturday - May 11, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Karen
Location: Hoddesdon uk
I miss you as much today as i did when i was a very little girl .. to all the angels up there please wrap your wings around him and keep him safe! ..let him know just how much we are missing the most beautiful man in heaven.. RIP PETE xx
Posted on: Tuesday - Apr 30, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: sue
Location: alton hampshire, uk
I find it really differcult to believe so many year's have gone by since we lost pete. It still seems like yesterday when my uncle came home from work with the evening paper and told me that pete had died. I was in a complete daze for a long time it felt as if i had lost a member of my family. Still love him as much today as i did then. god bless you pete hope to meet you in heaven one day. love to geoff and family xxx.
Posted on: Tuesday - Apr 23, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Ginger
Location: Bellflower, Ca
Just wanted to say that the early 70's were a tough time in life, for alot of us from what I have read. But, for 1 hour out of the week, I didn't have to think about any of that. To Pete and Ben, Thank you for a job well done. The show is still better than alot of what is on now. I finally allowed myself to buy the DVD's and am totally enoying them again. To Sue in Palmdale, buy the DVD's, COZI cuts the show to ribbons
Posted on: Monday - Apr 22, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: Susan Day
Location: Texas
I always watched his show with my parents & older sister. He was always my favorite. XO
Posted on: Monday - Apr 22, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: karen wright
Location: hoddesdon uk
love pete duel because — He was my very first love, because he made me feel safe, because i trusted him, because he was a gentle soul. because he was kind, because he was physically very beautiful, I still love pete duel because now i have grown up i know more about the real pete duel. i still love him because he was so kind, because he cared about the world, and about people, because he cared about animals, because he was a gentle soul, because i still feel protected by him, because i still trust him, because he is still very beautiful. because i am still in love with him !! becouse he is indelible! he will always be my first love, and he will allways be my last! i love you pete because you are just the same as the very first time i saw your beautiful face. love you, pete duel!
Posted on: Friday - Apr 19, 2013
In Memory of Pete Entry
From: f. hughes
Location: dallas,tx
Everytime I watch you on Alias Smith and Jones i laughed a little and cry sometimes. I know you are with the angels singing and being you. On your birthday I lite a candle and prayed for you and Geoff. Will love you always. Miss you a lot. I learned a lot listening to you and watching you and just enjoying you as a teen. I loved all your movies and guest shots. I know you are gone and you will be forever missed but you will still be in all of our hearts. Dear Pete you are still my very favorite actor and I do enjoy your singing on the show in the possee that wouldn't quit. I listen to it often.
Posted on: Thursday - Apr 18, 2013
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