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Thank you to everyone who leaves such poignant and heartfelt expressions in The Memorial Book—and for all your kind words about this site. Your kinship is extremely appreciated. —Laura

Please post your thoughts below. The previous Memorial Book was receiving too much spam, so I had to close it and start this page instead. The previous memorial page also had hundreds of remembrances. I hope to someday transfer them here.


There may be a delay between when you leave your thoughts below and when your post appears, but rest assured, the post will eventually be published. Please keep in mind that many questions still remain about Peter’s state of mind in those final days of his life. One recent question is how much of a role the anti-seizure drug, Dilantin, played on his thoughts. Perhaps Pete was a victim of a pharmaceutical drug and not so much of self-inflicted depression. Also note that Geoffrey Deuel sometimes visits this page. Thank you.

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  1. Diana :

    Hallo everyone,

    it’s so fascinating that so many fans remember Pete. I myself cannot forget him. Quite strange.

    Best regards from Germany


  2. Noemi :

    Thank you. I share your feelings Diana…❤️DE

  3. Diana :

    Hallo everyone,

    It’s so amazing that we still remember Pete after all this time. Warm greetings to everyone who shares these thoughts.

    Greetings from Germany


  4. Pete Tyler :

    I watched AS&J when it was originally shown on tv here in the UK. I recently bought the box set and am reliving the memories of the great man. He and Ben Murphy. There will never be another Hannibal Hayes than Pete. It’s such a shame that his life was cut short. He is a legend in my eyes. God rest his soul.

  5. Karen Olmedo :

    My husband and I started watching AS&J a few years ago. Our DVR is set to record every appearance, so we’ve watched the same shows many times and still enjoy them. A friend was visiting one evening and as we were watching one of the shows, he told us about Peter’s death. We were so saddened at learning that he had committed suicide. I’m also saddened to know that he hated starring in the series because we see it as good, wholesome western entertainment. He was born on February 24th and I was born on February 28th, 1040. Ben Murphy just turned 82 recently. He lives on in the shows he did so wonderfully.

  6. Annie :

    Shining bright young man xxx

  7. Annie :

    Forever young xxxx

  8. Noemi :

    “Happy 84th ❤️ Birthday” in heaven beautiful man!! Thinking of you today on your special day 🤠😘🍻

  9. Thelma :

    It’s my birthday today and I remember how excited I felt when I found out the 24th was also your birthday,I just wish you were here to celebrate another one.where ever you are have a good one.T

  10. Angie B :

    I was only 11 years old when Pete died but I remember the total shock and despair I felt so clearly. I had a troubled childhood but Pete and AS&J kept me feeling hopeful. I loved him and the series so much that I used to record it on a large reel to reel tape recorder and then play it back several times during the week before the next show. I have never really come to terms with him dying so young. On what would have been his 84th birthday, I celebrate his short life and the positive impact it had on so many of us and still mourn the fact that we never got to share more time with him. Love to his family, all of you who feel like I do and, most of all, to Pete himself xx

  11. Susan Kempster :

    Happy birthday dear Pete. Another year without you here with us.its still so raw still breaks my heart to think of what happened to you. Why! I often wonder why you💔xxxx

  12. Sweet Pete's Girl :

    February 24, 2024
    4:31 a.m.

    Our sweet Pete’s blessed birthday…

    Dear Mr. Harder,

    You are a loving soul and I thank our precious Lord for you.

    Your heartfelt words and memories of our sweet Pete, have brought bittersweet joy to my broken heart and tears to my weary eyes. We grieve together, we weep together, my friend in love…

    You, dear gentleman, are always in my heart and prayers.

    God love you,

    Sweet Pete’s Girl Xo…

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