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Thank you to everyone who leaves such poignant and heartfelt expressions in The Memorial Book—and for all your kind words about this site. Your kinship is extremely appreciated. —Laura

Please post your thoughts below. The previous Memorial Book was receiving too much spam, so I had to close it and start this page instead. The previous memorial page also had hundreds of remembrances. I hope to someday transfer them here.


There may be a delay between when you leave your thoughts below and when your post appears, but rest assured, the post will eventually be published. Please keep in mind that many questions still remain about Peter’s state of mind in those final days of his life. One recent question is how much of a role the anti-seizure drug, Dilantin, played on his thoughts. Perhaps Pete was a victim of a pharmaceutical drug and not so much of self-inflicted depression. Also note that Geoffrey Deuel sometimes visits this page. Thank you.

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  1. Angela T :

    I remember watching Alias Smith and Jones as a young girl. My girlfriend and I would sometimes be on the phone together, silent until a commercial, to discuss the episode. I adored him, his smile, dimples, eyes. He was so good, so natural. I loved Ben Murphy, too, but there was always something about Pete. I was devastated to learn of his passing. I never missed that show. I think of him often. I just found the show playing this morning, which prompted me to look him up again, and I found this site. So happy so many people still remember. RIP Pete. You were a star that burned out too soon. 🙏💔❤️

  2. Bret Honeycutt :

    I`m 65 years old. When I was 12, Alias Smith and Jones was my favorite show. I thought that Pete Duel and Ben Murphy were perfect for their parts. I think that Pete`s death was the first tragedy that I ever experienced. It`s funny, I`ve never forgotten the feelings that I felt when I heard. I still think of him often and I remember him fondly. Even though over fifty years has passed, it`s still so sad. God bless and keep you Pete.



  4. Ray L :

    Late reply ,but BINGO ! 12 to 15 hour work days ,take a tremendous toll on anybody ,sooner or later. Depression combined with a grueling schedule like that is a recipe for disaster. I will always be convinced that by itself ,played a major role in his suicide.

  5. Robin :

    I LOVED this Alias Smith & Jones and was so sad when Pete Duel “died.” A long term solution to a short term problem. Very sad.

  6. Tony Hayman :

    We were both good looking young guys way back, Pete still is.

  7. Tina :

    He was very handsome, so sad what happened to him.I like Alias Smith and Jones. It was not worth watching after Peter’s death. He is loved, and missed.❤️

  8. Rachel wood :

    So funny …watching that episode right now!

  9. Carol Serpa :

    I had a major crush on Pete duel when I was 12 years old.
    We also share the same birthday.
    I can still remember feeling completely devastated and heartbroken when he passed. It’s so sad that he could not foresee a beautiful future and long life. This happened to many people of that time.
    RIP Pete, I still keep you safely in my thoughts. ❤️

  10. Noemi :

    Remembering Pete today…..our forever beautiful man!! 😘❤️

  11. Karen Wright :

    Thank you so much Natalia
    I am sad that Putin’s war started on Pete’s Birthday, like you it hurts because Pete wanted only PEACE!!!
    Hoping it will be over very soon! It’s a war of greed, to have more power! When will he realise that being Kind is power! Love is power! With what’s going with our fading planet! The only war to fight is to save it!!
    Bless you Natalie Peace and Ecology Now!! xxx

  12. Ann Boldock :

    Remember watching Alias Smith and Jones when I was at school. Loved the programme as did my friends. A good many years have passed and a lot of water under the bridge. But it was a shock when we found out about Pete Duel’s death. So sad. God Bless. Rest in peace.

  13. Leanne Roe :

    It would be fascinating to hear Lisa and Cindy Eilbacher’s impressions and remembrances of their experience being on “Alias Smith and Jones” Season 2 Episode 5 “The Posse that Wouldn’t Quit”. They played young teenage sisters, Bridget and Beth Jordan.

  14. Shirley :

    This is beautiful.

  15. Cindy :

    He was just a joy.

  16. Noemi :

    “Happy Birthday” in heaven Pete. All our love to you 💕 💖Remember this ”Love…an infinitesimal piece of star break, that drifts into consciousness, entering in pastel ways, to become simply….Love” ❤️

  17. Natalia :

    What a beautiful poem, Karen Wright. Thank You for sharing it with us… Today is Pete Duel’s birthday as we all know. It is also the one year anniversary of the barbaric invasion of the Ukraine and its people by the evil russian Putin…talk about a truly senseless act…;-(…. Pete always signed his autograph with the word “Peace”. I can’t help but think of what HE would say, think and feel about this very sad event happening? A man so full of Love was Pete…had to leave this world, but left it a better place for his having lived in it. Then the opposite of the spectrum, Putin, a man so full of HATE, still alive and bringing more and more sadness to this world and for what?!!….Thank God for people like Pete Duel…they actually bring JOY to us all, making such a difference just for being here for a short time….

  18. Nancy Rader :

    2more days and you would be 83 All these years gone by and you could have been with us
    Miss you Pete wish I could have been there for you

  19. Bill Small :

    I so love Alias Smith And Jones! Pete,really was the best! I was so saddened by his suicide. It never makes sense to us,”outsiders”. So sorry you’re gone.

  20. Noemi :

    ahh ❤️‍🩹❤️

  21. Karen Wright :

    If God could grant us just one wish
    We’d go and steal the gun
    That took your life away from us
    New Year’s 71
    Even if we had you just for one more year
    You may have got the help you need
    To take away your fear
    And chase away those demons
    That were locked inside your head
    Even learn to love yourself
    Once again instead
    You could have had a child
    A girl or a little boy
    To give your life a purpose
    And fill it all with joy
    Now you’d be much older
    And more wiser in your ways
    Playing with great grandkids
    Enjoying sunny days
    Spending time with family
    Who would feel your loving touch
    Caring for your animals
    Who love you oh so much
    But we don’t have a Genie lamp to make our wish come true
    Only so much love inside
    Every day for you!

    Love you eternally beautiful man xxx

  22. Pamela :

    Peter was probably my first ever crush.
    I’m so glad to have found this website today.
    I thought he was long forgotten & it’s so heartwarming to see all these beautiful comments about him.

  23. Noemi :

    thank you Don & Laura

  24. Laura :

    Thank you, Don, for your story and for keeping Peter’s beautiful memory alive.

  25. Don Harder :

    thanx laura,,,lovya and geoff ALWAYS,,,,,,don

  26. Don Harder :

    {I started this December 31}: At 2:30 AM MST I lit a candle and prayed for comfort, kindred, and the memory that Pete still instills in all of us who loved AS&J. 51 years ago I went to Winter Park CO to help my Dad electrically wire a bank. Years ago I was invited to an AS&J get-together in Denver. I graciously accepted an invitation to do a ”Guns Of AS&J” speech at the Brown Palace {I took AS&J Wanted Posters that I had copied and given to the members who were present. Is this bringing back any memories?!} Ghislaine from ASJ Collection (HI HON AND EVERYONE!!!) pointed out that Winter Park was a ”bank job” and it was Oso poignant from the memory of being there; it brought me back to the bank for a minute reflecting …. My Dear Mother, Dad, and I left for WPark in a ’65 Chevy Belaire around 5:00 AM MST. I still can remember aLOT of being there. It was cold. We left back for Fort Lupton CO around 4:30-5 PM. Around 5:30 PM we were just coming off Berthoud Pass when KIMN 95 AM made the sad announcement that (”Pete Duel was found dead”). I was in the back seat and was SHOCKED and started crying. KIMN made a second announcement and I said ”turn it up” and started crying again and NEVER stopped for 30 years at the December 31 Anniversary. {I have seen 2552 Glen Green back in 2011} 21 years ago the Good Lord showed me that Pete received Eternal Life via Hebrews 4:1 and a FANTASTIC Spiritual experience after I watched the Pilot {For the ”100th” time} about 22 years ago now at 3:40 AM. January 1, ’72 The Rocky Mountain News ran a UPI story & clip about the death. The b&w pic was from a ”Return To Devil’s Hole” still and showed Pete wearing the dark brown corduroy coat wearing the Heyes’ Hat and riding gloves that Geoff has. RIGHT ON Geoff and again THANKS for posting it on the site. For me sitting here alone and dark out, it feels kinda like a ”special poignant” time in the WONDERFUL memories of AS&J, my ALL time FAVE TV show. RIGHT ON People…Geoff, Laura, Carolyn, friends, associates, and everyone else sharing, crying, laughing, and celebrating……feel free to omit any ”offensive beliefs” I have but PLEASE leave in my story {I posted it on another site YEARS ago but wanted it for memories’ sake} and Memorial for prosperity at the 51st Anniversary of Pete’s Entry into Eternal Life…..for Pete’s Sake. I got the entire SA&J DVD at the library. I’m going to watch the Pilot again and give Thanks to the Good Lord and ALL of you for keeping Pete’s Eternal Candle burning forever in our hearts…and Souls. God Bless & Lovya ALWAYS don harder missoula montana 

  27. Joaquin Santos :

    Dear Pete.I am at a lost on this day every year. To many why’s run through my mind. Your passing will always mark a significant time in my life. I was 6 years old and touch deeply by this thing called death. I pray for your soul today as I have done so from that dreadful day that a piece of mye soul was taken away as well..Rest in peace my friend.. until we all meet again.. Your friend Jack. Piece and Ecology now indeed.

  28. Avril :

    So many years since you left us, Pete, but your star still shines bright in the hearts of those who love you. Thinking of you and your family. Avril xx

  29. Noemi :

    In loving memory of Pete’s 51st Anniversary-your smile still makes us smile and warms our hearts. We still love you and will remember you ALWAYS. ☮️ Peace & Ecology Now!! ❤️😘🤠❤️

  30. Kathleen Martinez :

    I am watching Pete Duel videos on YouTube as I am aware tonight of the time, glancing often at the clock, as the hour will soon approach marking the fifty first anniversary of the world losing Pete. I was thirteen years old when he left us to go to Heaven. I still think about him all the time as I realize that I am not alone as do so many others are doing the same, when I read their loving comments about Pete on all of Pete’s many memorial sites that I visit. When I say my prayers and am remembering all of my relatives that are now in Heaven, Pete’s name is always included with them. 🙏

  31. Noemi :

    Yes…let’s make sure that “He will never be forgotten” ❤️😘🤠

  32. Noemi :

    ❤️😘 🤠

  33. Susan :

    Another year goes by and still you make me cry. To think that you have been gone an unbelievable fifty one years and dear Pete your still as much in my heart as you were then. Sitting here tonight I look at the clock counting down to that so very tragic time you left us. I go into a daydream imagining someone was there to grab the gun from you and for a second I think to myself you were saved then I get this horrible tummy churning feeling that brings me back to reality that that someone wasn’t there and you are no longer with us. God bless you Pete your in a much better place you were just to good to be here on this planet I know you would hate as it is today. Love you alwaysX

  34. Vicki :

    Pete was the most convincing performer I’ve ever seen…the way he could slip into a character’s skin and once that transformation was complete the ease in which he could accomplish it simply blew me away. I loved every character he became…because he owned each one of them.
    He was an incredible human spirit. His light will never dim nor be extinguished for it lives forever in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved him.
    He will never be forgotten.
    He shall forever remain–my hero.
    He is forever loved and sorely missed.

  35. Gary Evans :

    I was young when Alias was on TV in the 1970s and I loved it so much.When I got the news about Pete dying I was heartbroken .I could not understand why? I used to cry myself to sleep but all these years later I know he is at peace and in eternal bliss.Gid bless him and his family and friends and fans.

  36. Anne-Marie :

    Ik kon het indertijd niet geloven, zo een tragisch einde. Een groot verlies, van een goed mens

  37. Elizabeth Roush :

    I love Pete Duel and he will live in my Heart forever. I still cry when I think of Pete no one will ever take your place . I love you and I will never forget you

  38. Noemi :

    Thank you for sharing….it’s so nice to hear first-hand accounts of actual events that happened throughout his life….and “Relief Reservoir” in the Sierra’s- what a beautiful peaceful place!!

  39. Julia Carodine :

    What a lovely tribute. Thank you for reminding me that we will see him again. Take care.

  40. Julia Carodine :

    I loved, loved anything he did. My mom & I watched AS&J every week…..and then the reruns. He had those dimples and his smile melted your heart. I am so sorry for his family’s loss. 😢 I, too had family members die in the same manner. Heartbreaking.

  41. BlackCloud :

    He actually piled us into his 4wd about 3-4 miles from the cabin (near the Bennett juniper tree, which is older than Jesus), and as I remember, drove us out to Strawberry and more resources.

  42. BlackCloud :

    I’m a lot younger than Pete, but he helped us when we were stuck in the “mud” on the way back to the cabin, the property next to his 20 acre property near Relief Reservoir in the sierra’s It must have been just months before he ended his life. I was only a toddler when it happened, my older brother would share bits and pieces. I always wondered that to myself and as a teenager would runaway to the cabin when things weren’t right, thumbing it sometimes and arriving there on foot many times and in the pitch of night, having an uneasy feeling passing the property. I always felt like he did I Think, when Pete reflects back on being 16. I haven’t been to the cabin in years. Put that on the bucket list I suppose. Rest In Peace, Aho

  43. Vickie McKnight :

    Pete was one of those special actors.. I remember hearing the news.. My heart sank

  44. Scott C :

    10 years ahead of me at Penfield HS. His dad did school physicals for us… cough cough. We loved seeing Pete on TV but after high school I wasn’t watching much tv and did not hear of his death till later. It was sad – much like a buddy who set himself on fire in the middle of Penfield Rd.

  45. Laura :

    Been there. Done that. Know how you feel. So bittersweet.

  46. Noemi :

    : -) DE

  47. Noemi :

    Had a dream about Pete last night. I was with him and another gentleman but don’t know who. We were walking along a street and going into stores/shops. We took a break and were sitting in a banister and then they got up and continued walking but I was too tired, so I delayed- when I finally got up to catch up to them I saw him come out behind a car to let me know he was waiting for me. He never spoke to me and never looked me in the eye but we just continued walking along. After a while we stopped at my mom’s house (weird) and he was there mingling with everyone. As I looked at him from afar I thought to myself – “this cannot be Pete – he is too young, but he looks exactly like Pete” so I assumed that it had to be some kind of kin/relation to him. I searched all around my room for a picture I had of Pete so that I could show him but I never found it and the dream ended. RIP Pete!!

  48. Diana :

    I remember Pete as my favourite actor in my youth. A long time ago:-) A handsome man with a lot of difficulties. It’s interesting, that so much people remember him such a long time after his death. My best wishes to his family.

    Greetings from Germany

  49. Rachel :

    Gone too soon. Such a loss.

  50. Pam :

    Yes it was a day that my heart was broken 💔 . I too was in love. Such a great actor.

  51. Sue Hutchinson :

    50 years ago I was 13 and Pete was my first love. I was devastated at his death but promised him that when I had a dog I would name him Pete. At the age of 21 I had my dog – a black lab and yes his name was Pete ( or Peter if he was naughty!) Pete I remember your birthday and the day of your death each year, 50 years on you are still missed but much loved.
    I have DVD’s of Smith and Jones and still watch them and have a laugh.
    When Pete ( dog) died I promised him I would get a rescue dog – she is a lab/staff called Izzy.

  52. Avril :

    Love on your birthday, Pete. Love always. xx

  53. Noemi :

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Pete, happy birthday to you!!!!! we will never forget you….

  54. Marianne Carter :

    24 February – a special date I always remember, Happy Birthday Pete, missed and loved as always x

  55. Anne Woodend uk :

    Thinking of Pete today on what would have been his 82nd Birthday ,never far away in my thoughts, love & miss you 💕💕

  56. Vicki :

    Today is Pete’s birthday. His presence is felt every day by those who knew and loved him. He is loved and sorely missed.

  57. Susan Kempster :

    Happy birthday dear Pete in heaven will love you always you will never be forgotten everxxx

  58. Agneta :

    Today you would turn 82 years! You are nerver forgotten and I Wish you were here, happy birthday. Love you!!

  59. Linda Zinn :

    I first met Pete when my best friend babysat for his sister who was attending a university in Ohio. When my friend and I moved to Hollywood, my path crossed with his occasionally. He was a kind, caring and passionate man.

    I moved back to Ohio in 1970 and was stunned to hear of Pete’s death on the radio. The world lost a special man. 💕

  60. Noemi :

    ❤️ 🥰

  61. Noemi :

    I wasn’t able to post anything until now but just want to remember Pete on his 50th anniversary. RIP beautiful Pete…..we will ALL remember you forever ❤️🤠❤️

  62. Marianne Carter :

    50 Years of Love for You, Forever Missed, Always Remembered, Never Forgotten, the Hero in My Heart, My Love Always Beautiful Man x

  63. Michelle Plummer :

    It’s Been awhile Since I’ve Written Comments here But I’m Never that Far Away I Can Appreciate what My Fellow Admirers Of Pete Duel Say here I have those Same Feelings still Remember and Love him Thanks Laura Jacqueline and Geoff For Being the Keepers Of this Beautiful Flame Peter I Enjoy all the Articles You Post the Memorial Book Everything I Just Received the Latest Simple Gifts It’s So Beautiful For Pete

  64. Harry Felker :

    When he passed away I was saddened beyond words. I enjoyed him so much on Love On A Rooftop & Alias Smith & Jones.

  65. Denise Franklin :

    50 years ago tonight…I was 16 years old & life was never going to be the same again.
    My schoolfriends formed a club & we remember Pete to this day.
    Missed beyond words, lived beyond measure. Xx

  66. Don Harder :

    In Loving Memory of Peter Ellstrom Deuel aka Hannibal Heyes’ Joshua Smith. On the 50th Anniversary of his entry into Eternal Life on December 31, 1971, I STILL mourn his tragic death every December 31 at 1:00 AM PST. His memory will ALWAYS live on in our hearts and souls. Loveya ALWAYS dear friend, and looking forward to meeting you in Heaven. THANK YOU Laura for keeping Pete’s candle burning “For Pete’s Sake”. Hebrews 4:1 Amplified

  67. Avril :

    You touched our souls, Pete. That’s why we remember ……..xx

  68. Dionne :

    Remembering you on this day. I was 7 years old when I heard of your passing. It took a while for the news to sink in and to understand that you were no longer here. You were a big part of my childhood, Alias Smith and Jones in the 70s, I never missed an episode. So handsome with a gorgeous smile. I still miss you to this day at 57. You left this world to early.

  69. Barbara Fairlamb :

    Remember hearing of Pete’s passing.always remember him. Can’t believe 50years have passed

  70. Leanne Roe :

    I join you all tonight. In less than 4 hours, it will be exactly 50 years since Pete died. As I have gotten older, I see more and more the talent he had. Everyone who acted with him was greatly impressed. Ben Murphy said in his whole career, never did he ever experience the close partnership he had with Pete Duel. How I would have liked his death never to have happened.

    “Alias Smith and Jones” meant a lot to me. Out of my whole week, that one hour long show was the only thing I enjoyed. It was the only thing I looked forward to. I remember writing to the local newspaper in protest when they changed the show’s start time from 7:30PM to the new schedule of 8PM to 9PM. You see, my mother would not let us stay up passed 8:30PM on a school night.

    On the night they made the time change to 8PM, I watched half the show. Then my mom came down and said I had to turn off the TV. I was so upset, I shook uncontrollably, yelled, cried and had a major anxiety attack. I could hardly catch my breath. I told my mom just how much that show meant to me. I was so distressed, my mother withdrew her bedtime rule for that one night of the week. On that first night, however, I was so emotionally and physically exhausted, I couldn’t finish watching the show.

    I share this with you, because Pete meant a lot to all of us. This is a group that understands that.

    God Bless you Pete Duel. Thank you for the joy you gave so many. May you find the peace that passes all understanding.

  71. Kat U :

    Tomorrow, it will be 50 years since you left us, yet it seems like it was yesterday. I was just a teenager, baking cookies for my parents who were having friends over to celebrate New Years 1972 when I heard the news. I remember being completely devastated and confused as to what happened to a man that was so incredibly talented, full of life, an environmental warrior dedicated to making the world a better place, a gentle kind soul. Your smile made us all smile and lifted our spirits. In your 31 years, you touched many lives and and you left a void in our hearts. I know we all hope you have found the peace and love you were so desperately searching for during your time here. Bless you always. Thank you Geoffrey and Jacqueline Deuel for sharing those beautiful photographs of the family.

  72. Vicki :

    It’s been 50 years since Pete left us. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t cross my mind…even after all this time this man moves me in ways I still can not define.
    His light will shine forever for he lives in the hearts of everyone who knew him and loved him.
    He is forever loved and sorely missed.

  73. Lisa Zafar :

    I can not help but thank of you on this dark anniversary of you leaving this world and everybody who loved you who are left to wonder why. You would never truly know how many people loved you or whose life you would touch and continue to touch 50 years later. The world became truly a little darker when we lost you that fateful night. I wonder if you had only had someone to talk to would things have changed. Your smile never ceases to warm my heart. There was only 1 Pete Duel this world was blessed with! Pete Duel forever! Peace and Ecology Now!

  74. Maggie :

    Dear Pete, remembering you always with love. Fifty years since my heart broke.

  75. Sue :

    Words cannot say how I feel today it’s hard to believe 50 years have gone by since you so tragically left us. Dear Pete you must have been such a wonderfull man to have left such a big impression on so many of us. The pain I feel is like I feel when I have lost a family member you mean that much to myself and so many of us dear Pete now and alwaysxxx

  76. Anne, UK :

    Remembering Pete,especially today,can’t believe it’s 50 yrs ago tonight since he left us,think about him often & got the full box set of Alias Smith & Jones for Christmas this year,I’ve always loved the show & still do.Affected me deeply when he died,just couldn’t believe it,such a sad end to a gifted,lovely man,forever loved,& forever missed,I’m just grateful for what he has left us all to watch & enjoy,our lives are better with a part of him in it.❤️❤️❤️RIP

  77. Sharon Howe :

    I find it hard to believe that we are within a day of the 50th anniversary of Peter’s passing. Seriously not a year has gone by that I don’t remember him at this time of the year. I use to say “his eyes smiled”. I know this may sound crazy but I honestly thought his eyes dimmed and not as vibrant as they were in months prior but maybe just the way my mind worked at the time. I never knew this site existed and glad I found it today of all days. Love you and miss you Peter… and always will.

  78. Misty Martin :

    Yes, it will have been 50 years this coming December 31. I believe that Dec. 31 in 1971 was on a Friday, just as it is this year. I’ve watched the biography about Pete made in 2015 several times now. Thanks to Geoffrey and Jacqueline Deuel and Laura Moretti. Thank you, Laura, also for this website. “Remembering Pete Duel (A Biography)” is simply a beautiful and loving tribute to such an amazing man – the background music, the narrator’s voice, the listing of Peter’s entire body of work: perfection. Geoffrey: I’m sorry for your loss, and indeed the world’s loss of Pete. I pray you and your sister, Pamela, and indeed all who knew and loved Pete, will be comforted at this difficult anniversary of that loss. Life can be unpredictable and hard, and sometimes short. May all of us give back to the world in some way, much as Pete gave of himself with his enormous talent and his caring for the earth and his belief in ecology. Good-bye, Pete. We miss you. Thanks for the memories and your film legacy. You are not, nor will you ever be, forgotten.

  79. Joaquin Santos :

    Dear Pete. This year marks the 50th anniversary of your passing away. I still recall that dreadful day when I heard the news .I will never understand what was going on in your life that you decide to end it that way. And I guess I’ll never will. But, I do know whatever you may have been dealing with, you were not alone. Although at times it may feel like were alone in this world. We are not. You had the love of your family and friends. Who would have been there for you if you only had found the strength inside yourself and reached out to them. Maybe you just couldn’t find a way to reach out? It’s hard to ask for help. It makes one feel vulnerable. The outcome of your action. Has effected many lives and will continue to do so.. Pete,I don’t know if you were aware that you were, and still are, loved and remembered fondly. Not a year has gone by were I haven’t lit a candle and say a small prayer for you on this sad day of remembrance. I pray you are at peace and found the joy you so much deserved. Ecology Now…and Forever. A friend. Jack.

  80. Noemi Chapa :

    Wow interesting that you thought of him so randomly. His 50th death anniversary is next week – so we are with you in remembering him…..let’s celebrate his life- and the beautiful gift he left us!

  81. Terry :

    I don’t know why but I remember the television show he was on and I knew his name from that. I was only ten yrs old and vacationing with my family in Florida when they announced that he’d committed suicide. Maybe I had a bit of a crush on him at the time, but I remember being so moved, and so sad, like he had been a brother or close cousin. I also don’t know what made me think of him spontaneously today; no one mentioned his name; it just popped into my head and I did a quick search, finding this site. I didn’t know he was taking the epilepsy drug and that that could have led to his suicide. It’s now more understandable but still so very sad.

  82. Susan :

    He was so beautiful inside and out, unique ,irreplaceable will always live on in my heart…

  83. Roger :

    I was just 10 when he passed 50 yrs of memories one of my best was of pete duel and Ben Murphy. Loved their shows

  84. Fiona Sheach :

    Cop 26 has recently been held in my country, in Glasgow. Many of the environmental issues debated were causes Pete campaigned for. He was ahead of his time.
    I was too young to watch the original Alias Smith and Jones but enjoyed the reruns in the 70s in Britain. I grew up watching Westerns as my late father loved them. I cannot believe it’s fifty years since Alias Smith and Jones was broadcast.
    R.I.P. Pete. I would like to think you would approve of the direction the world is trying to take.

  85. Alex Devereux :

    I am watching the DVD set of Smith and Jones, just purchased and am enjoying it immeasurably. After 50 years Pete Duel’s smile still lights up my day and makes me smile. Bless him.

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