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Thank you to everyone who leaves such poignant and heartfelt expressions in The Memorial Book — and for all your kind words about this site. Your kinship is extremely appreciated. —Laura

Please post your thoughts below. The previous Memorial Book was receiving too much spam, so I had to close it and start this page instead. You may read the comments in the previous Memorial Book, however, by clicking here.

There may be a delay between when you leave your thoughts below and when your post appears, but rest assured, the post will eventually be published. Please keep in mind that many questions still remain about Peter’s state of mind in those final days of his life. One recent question is how much of a role the anti-seizure drug, Dilantin, played on his thoughts. Perhaps Pete was a victim of a pharmaceutical drug and not so much of self-inflicted depression. Also note that Geoffrey Deuel sometimes visits this page. Thank you.

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  1. Michelle Plummer :

    Happy Labor Day Weekend Laura and Pete’s Family and Fans

    • 4HHeyes :

      Happy Labor Day Weekend back to you from all of us, Michelle!

  2. Rose Ferrara-Love :

    I loved AS&J, while I shared the same birthday as Ben Murphy, Pete was the heartthrob. I still have the 45rpm of his poetry. the other side had him singing “Simple Gifts”

  3. Linda :

    My husband and I visited Pete’s grave last Friday, July 26, 2019. It was such a peaceful place. We cleared away some weeds on the edges of his name, and I left some Sunflowers. I love you Pete, always will. I was 15 when AS&J first aired, and 63 when it started airing again on INSP. I still felt like that 15 year old, crazy about you all over again. We plan to make it an annual trip. Can’t wait till next summer to visit again. Till then…

    • Michelle Plummer :

      Thanks For Sharing this

  4. Kathy :

    Still watching your show Alias Smith and Jones. Had a huge crush on you in 1971. Such a great actor.

  5. Jackie Steer :

    Pete, you were my 1st heartthrob. You took your own life on my 8th birthday& even at such a young age, I understood how sadness felt in that you had been so unhappy death seemed like your only release. Your smile has never been beaten and I doubt that it ever will be. Rest peacefully, beautiful Pete. God bless.

  6. Glenn :

    I still watch the series it brings great joy to me seeing actors with such chemistry in a series that was about good stories.
    But listening to pete duels one liners are priceless such a pity no one was their to help him when he most needed it.
    Its strange when you watch pete duel acting as it brings mixed emotions of happiness and sadness I will always indebted to him for great memories.thank you so much.

  7. Michelle Plummer :

    I Received the Picturing Pete Duel Book it’s a Beautiful Book Laura You Did A Wonderful Job on it I’m Sure Pete’s Family Appreciated it as well I May Buy the Book In Pete’s Own Words Book Sometime

  8. Michelle Plummer :

    To all the Pete Duel Fans have a Nice 4th of July Weekend

  9. Michelle Plummer :

    I Want to Thank Laura Geoffrey and Jacqueline Duel for the Great Work Putting Together the Pete Duel Picture Collection Book With Three hundred pictures I Just received Mine today I Love it of Course I’m gonna order the Other one in the Near Future it’s REALLY AWESOME THANK YOU

  10. Michelle Plummer :

    I’m Now Reading the 2nd Edition of Pete Duel the Biography by Paul Green I Read in there Pete Said in a interview with the Los Angeles Times December 1971 8)8 I’ve Enjoyed this Odd Show We got Good People It’s Not the Show it’s the System You Finish One Show and Start the Next one the Next Morning Pete Commenting on doing Alias Smith and Jones Yes it was the Schedule

  11. Kathleen Pfeiffer :

    I remember having my first crush on him when he appeared in Love on a Rooftop in the 1960’s. I was 17 when he died and remember being so gutted. Such a nice man and talented actor. I’m sorry he was in such pain that he couldn’t continue in this world but glad to see he is still remembered and loved beyond his immediate family. RIP Pete and thank you for the memories. Glad there are reruns and vidoes. You still shine.

  12. Michelle Plummer :

    I Wanted to Wish Everyone a Nice Memorial Day Weekend for Remembering our Loved ones we’ve lost And to Laura who always does a great job on this Site for Remembering Pete I Love all the Nice Comments Thank You

  13. Debra Aellig :

    I just began watching reruns of Alias Smith and Jones! I was 11 years old when Pete Duel died and I grieve for him and his dear family to this day. I’m 59 years old and still have my scrapbook of the photos from Alias Smith and Jones. What a sad time for his brother and sister and family. Pete Duel was magnetic, handsome, funny, and seemed a very genuine person. I will miss him always and will continue to miss what could have been. Hugs from an older teen fan, Debbie

  14. Mary :

    When I was 13 you left this world. I loved you as a child and I love you now as a grown woman. I cannot help but wonder if you could have gotten the help you so desperately needed, would you have made it. Would you still be alive sharing the extraordinary talents you possessed with the world. Would you have had a family. You are missed.

  15. Michelle Plummer :

    I have a theory on the reason Pete had a problem doing Alias Smith and Jones I could be wrong but I don’t think it was the show it self because he had done other series but when you do a half hour Show it’s different a half hour Show is 9 to 5schedule with a week off with a hour Show twelve to fifteen hour days I’ve read in the material here Pete resented school taking his freedom it could’ve been any hour long show and it would be the same result no time for other roles like there is with a half hour Show just a theory but something to think about

  16. Mary Ware :

    Poor man. So much potential. He had great ability, Great opportunities. Problems in his life just began to snowball. He had the strength of psychology to work all of it out. His health…just too much against him. God Bless someone who gave everything he had to be a winner. That is why he was so loved by fans.

  17. Ruby Boone :

    I am 81 and I started watching the Virginian last year. Last night I saw this beautiful young man that God created. Most beautiful eyes and a smile that lit up the world. He could say things with his eyes and smile more than most actors do with their physical actions. I didn’t watch much television back then because I was busy with two kids and working so I never heard of him. I am two years Older than he was. I do not understand why movie producers didn’t pick him up for major movies. Anyway, thank you for this site, now I can see him anytime I want. Ruby

    • Michelle Plummer :

      I Love What you said here and I agree Pete Duel Shined in this World

  18. Michelle Plummer :

    I want to thank Geoffrey for sharing memories of his father in the Remembrance section it’s never easy to lose Loved Ones I lost my Mom in December 2017, and My Brother Rick in 1991 at 24 I was close to both I appreciate the Deuel Family for sharing of Photographs, Videos and everything that you do on this page with Laura Moretti after reading Paul Green’s book about Pete I Missed him he was a good person always Gracious with his Fans sign Autographs I recently just started watching Alias Smith and Jones and I got Pete’s Biography I want to watch more of Pete’s work in fact in Geoff’s remembrance of his Dad it was mentioned that Pamela lives in Valley Forge Pa well I live in Phoenixville about Ten minutes from there it’s just a small world When you read about Pete and his Family it’s like you’ve always known them because they’re so Down to Earth Right Now I take care of my Dad he’s 86 years old he has Early Dementia it progressed after he lost my Mom they were married 61 years Thank You Geoff and Your Family

  19. Bonnie :

    I use to watch Alias Smith and Jones when I was a 13 year old girl. Loved the show very much and Pete had me hooked on day one of watching the show!!!! Those beautiful brown eyes, dimpled smile and his little turned up nose could make any girl swoon and that was me every time I watched the show. Have just now been able to watch the show again on the western channel and now at 60 yrs old he still makes me swoon. So sorry his life was cut short but his memories and movies will always stand the test of time. Thanks for the memories and love you always.

  20. Michelle Plummer :

    I have question Any fan can answer but especially his brother Geoffrey and his sister Pamela What do you think Pete would say or feel about people still remembering him after all this time I Think he’d be very Surprised and appreciate that people still cared and we’re still watching him and his work

  21. Michelle Plummer :

    I just read the Paul Green Book about Pete it was a Sad end to such a good human being with such a great Talent not many are remembered some forty years later only the Special ones and Pete was and is Special

  22. Rose :

    I remember watching Alias Smith and Jones. I always looked forward to it. Even at a young age I imagined myself living in that era. You made time come alive. Dreams come true. I was heartbroken when I found out what happened. You will always be remembered with love !

  23. Rachel West :

    I loved you on Alias Smith and Jones when I was a child. I had a very difficult childhood and in my child brain you used to talk to me and keep me calm and feeling safe. I was 6 or 7yrs when you died and to me you were Hannibal Hayes, you brought him to life for me. When I grew up I learnt how you were dealing with your own problems and I was sad to hear you were not happy but inspired by your drive to try to remain healthy. Thank you for making a character who contained all the characteristics that were lacking in the adults around me.

    • Rod Pastor :

      I loved Peter Deuel on Alias Smith and Jones also. He was funny and very entertaining. I was 19 when he died and I was really sad. I had a severe head injury during the Vietnam war when I was in the Air Force and I have felt like ending my life, but I didn’t. Watching the reruns of Alias Smith and Jones has been really nice.

  24. Michelle M :

    You will always be great to me …



  26. Joyce J :

    I recently lost my husband of 55+ years to cancer and we enjoyed watching reruns of Alias Smith and Jones together. Was sad to learn Pete Duel was no longer with us. May he rest in peace – his acting is some of the best I’ve seen for those early days. Thank you Pete and Ben for putting a smile on my face with some of your humor from the series. Love you guys!

  27. Maureen Flannigan :

    To the family of Dr. Deuel: I worked at Kodak’s Elmgrove Plant in Rochester, NY. Your dad was my doctor. I had severe asthma and he took such good care of me. The asthma was so severe, I had to carry my own injections. I remember when Peter passed away and my heart broke for him and his family. I often thought of both of them throughout the years. I went on the internet and found this wonderful writeup on Dr. Deuel. You were one of the best Dr. Deuel!.

  28. Sherry Smith :


  29. Eddie & Ana Riddle :

    Didn’t know you but I knew you. I suffered from some of the same demons as you at about some of the same time. I left the military after ‘Nam in ’69 and dove right in. I’ve been reintroduced to Smith and Jones on “Saddle up Weekends” and man I miss you, like Hendrix and Janis. But dude, You live on.
    Adios Bro,

  30. Agneta :

    Here comes a delayed birthdaygeetings on Your 79th birthday!!!!!
    Still miss you after all these years you`ve been gone.
    You were the best, you had it all!!! Love you always!!
    Agneta- Sweden

  31. michelle keller :

    darling pete happy birthday in heaven always miss tou always in my heart love mchelle keller in las vegas .

  32. Johanna Roy :

    You might be gone but your greatness will never be forgotten Happy 79th Birthday

  33. Kathe C :

    Miss You Pete. Happy Birthday. Always loved and your family,friends and fans.

  34. Reonita Heller :

    van harte gefeliciteerd lieve Pete, uit het oog maar niet uit het hart

  35. Avril :

    Always in our hearts, Pete. XX

  36. Karen :

    Happy Birthday Pete…. I was 11 years old when you left this world. I always wonder if you where still here what you would of accomplished in this world, with those good looks and charisma you had on the screen. i believe you would done alot in the ecology make our environment a much better place to live. You are truly missed and loved by so many people. peace and love Pete

  37. Susan Kempster :

    Happy Birthday dear pete love you alwaysXx.

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