The Pete Duel Memorial Book

Thank you to everyone who leaves such poignant and heartfelt expressions in The Memorial Book—and for all your kind words about this site. Your kinship is extremely appreciated. —Laura

Please post your thoughts below. The previous Memorial Book was receiving too much spam, so I had to close it and start this page instead. The previous memorial page also had hundreds of remembrances. I hope to someday transfer them here.

Pete Duel

There may be a delay between when you leave your thoughts below and when your post appears, but rest assured, the post will eventually be published. Please keep in mind that many questions still remain about Peter’s state of mind in those final days of his life. One recent question is how much of a role the anti-seizure drug, Dilantin, played on his thoughts. Perhaps Pete was a victim of a pharmaceutical drug and not so much of self-inflicted depression. Also note that Geoffrey Deuel sometimes visits this page. Thank you.

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  1. Misty :

    I first fell in love with Pete Duel when I first saw him on Alias Smith and Jones. I was only 11 years old when I found out that he had died and I was heartbroken. I wouldn’t watch Roger Davis in AS&J when he took Pete’s place, although, of course, it wasn’t Roger’s fault. But in my 11 year old mind, watching Roger in Pete’s role would have been doing a disservice to Pete’s memory. I’m 61 years old now and have gotten to see Pete’s acting talent in many other shows and movies, including “Generation” with Kim Darby. He had a certain spark to him, for certain. And even now, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more handsome man. Yes, Laura, he was beautiful. My continued condolences to his sister and brother. He was special – and MUCH loved. I miss him still. One more thing: Laura, could you please answer a question for me: what ever happened to Pete’s manager, John Napier? I can’t find anything about him on the internet. I’ve always been curious. Thank you for this site.

    • Noemi :

      yes…..he was special! 😊

    • Claudia :

      I am now 59 years old. And still remember Pete Duel. Can’t believe it is almost 50 years ago that he died. Hope he found peace forever.

    • curtis Bailey :

      i loved the showand i felt bad about his passing

  2. Brian Ridgway :

    Finally made time to sit and watch the half hour tribute to Pete that was completed by Geoffrey and so many gifted people. What a terrific portrait of a complex, thoughtful and giman. Filled with amazing images, crisply edited and narrated with a real warmth, it presented a fresh and collected picture of Pete’s life and struggles, and also really brought him to life in a sensitive and realistic way. God bless everyone involved and than you.

    • Laura :

      Thank you. I know it was a bittersweet and oft times painful project. So thank you all the more. I’ll pass your sentiments to Geoff. -Laura

  3. Kathleen Anderson :

    50 years later…………”drifts into consciousness……..entering in pastel waves……to become…..simply……Love.

    • Noemi :

      aww 🥰

  4. Barbara :

    I was 10 years old when I saw on the news Pete Duel had died. Alias Smith & Jones was my favorite show and even so young, I truly loved Pete. I broke out sobbing. Later I learned it was suicide and I remember sitting on the couch brokenhearted, thinking, “If only he knew how much I loved him, he might not have done this.”
    It took me a while to recover over him. Sure I was just a kid but my love was real.
    I wanted to see him thrive in life.
    I will never forget him.
    I’m 58 years old (2021) and I still remember how much I loved him. I’ve since learned he had epilepsy and was taking dilantin. Well, I was diagnosed epileptic when I was 16 and have been on dilantin since. As long as I stay away from alcohol, the dilantin controls my seizures.
    I’m very happy about this memorial for Pete. He should be remembered.
    God bless all!

  5. Mike :

    It’s strange just how often I think of Pete Duel. I watched Alias Smith and Jones religiously when I was young, and it may be that his death was one of the first to really affect me, even though, of course, I never met him or really knew him. He was young and talented, but, as so many people are, deeply troubled; the world was the less for his passing. I thank him for the good memories. RIP.

  6. Marianne Carter :

    Happy Birthday Pete, you SPARKLE like a STAR, you SHINE like a DIAMOND and your SMILE brightens my DAY, much love x

  7. Jo Naumann :

    Happy heavenly birthday Pete!

  8. Sharon Salvetti :

    Happy Birthday dear, sweet Pete. Miss you. Love you! XOX

  9. Susan Kempster :

    Happy birthday dear petexxx

  10. Noemi :

    Happy Birthday in heaven Pete…..we still remember you – forever!
    RIP our friend……
    -Noemi ** NY

  11. Avril :

    Happy thoughts of you today, Pete. Avril x

  12. Gwen :

    It’s February 24th, and I’m remembering my all-time favorite. You’ll never be forgotten.

    • Anne uk :

      Remembering Pete today, on what would have been his 81st Birthday,I’m so grateful to this website keeping Petes memory alive & allowing us all to share our memories.I’ve lived on a farm all my life & appreciate the outdoors too. In 1975 I persuaded my Dad to buy me a beautiful chestnut horse very similar to the one Pete rode on Alias Smith & Jones, I often thought about Pete when I rode her, thinking about the what if’s or maybe’s, I got a lot of pleasure with that horse until she died in 2004. Recently I’ve read Petes biography & felt a strange connection, when I discovered he’d given 2 girlfriends a singer sewing machine would you believe it, a poster of Pete has been on my wall, for over 40 years now above my singer sewing machine watching over me whenever I use it.
      So sad, the loss of such a talented, special person & so young💕
      Love & miss you always❤️

  13. Michelle Plummer :

    Happy Heavenly Birthday Peter You’re Loved Missed and Never will Be Forgotten For Your Kind Heart Huge Talent Your Magic Lives On Much Love to Geoffrey Jackie and Pamela Pete You Live In Our Hearts

  14. Marie :

    Peter is loved and missed. So tragic when one takes their life.

  15. Evon :

    Oh, how I loved (and still do) the adventures of Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry on “Alias Smith and Jones”. Such a wonderful show, talented, handsome young actors. The series was fun, light-hearted and watching now takes me back to a time when life was good. I remember when I first heard Pete had died. I couldn’t believe it! So young, so handsome and a very talented actor. I believe I cried. Still makes me sad thinking about that time.

    • Noemi :

      Thank you.

  16. Leanne Roe :

    Looking at this website, I realized the varied and amazing amount of quality work Pete did in such a short period of time. That is significant for a person in this business. His talent was overflowing (i.e. horsemanship, handling a deck of cards, acting, etc.). He did not just repeat a certain mannerism over and over again. He kept coming up with new ways to express himself. The way he moved. The way he responded. No matter how he chose to portray a character, it was all very believable and engaging. To have that much insight is rare. Even when he did not have time for anything else, he kept striving to do more.

    My family is greatly enjoying the weekly episodes we are able to record and then watch of Pete and Ben Murphy on “Alias Smith and Jones”. This is the only show we watch together. It is very special to us and we look forward to it every week.

    Thank you for making so many of Pete’s work available on this website. I hope you will be able to get the pilot episode of Marcus Welby M.D. to work. We would love to see that, because we are familiar with the difficulties caused by aphasia, which Pete portrays in that episode.

    All the best to you and yours! Thank you again!

    • Laura :

      Thank you for your beautiful insights, Leanne. I’m sorry I didn’t realize the Marcus Welby episode wasn’t working; it turned out to be just a typo in the URL. Please do find it in place now. And thank you again! -Laura

  17. EW :

    Its hard to believe that this coming year will make 50 years since you left us. All these years later it still seems like only yesterday, even thought it’s almost a lifetime ago. When I think of all the time in between, of everything that has happened in the world in those intervening years, and in my own life also, it just seems all the more sad that you missed out on so much of life. Our time here is already short, to make it shorter is a tragedy, but I guess that realization only comes with age. You had so much to live for, and to give, if only you had realized it. You were disillusioned with the state of the world back in 1971, I can’t imagine what you would think of it today, with climate change, environmental destruction, conflict, war and disease. But, despite it all, life is still precious and worth fighting for. I with you could have realized that.
    R I P Pete.

    • Aw :

      I was thinking about you Pete over these holidays,it’s 49yrs since you left us, you were a big part of my childhood,Alias Smith &Jones was the highlight of my week,back then I was 13,& still miss you after all these years.You certainly were ahead of your time being concerned about the planet & big on recycling.Watching Smith &Jones during this difficult year has kept me going.❤️

  18. Michelle Plummer :

    49 Years Later Peter Deuel Is So Special I’m Just Proud to Be A Part Of this Group that Continues to Honor Him and this Doesn’t happen For Everyone Reserved For a Unique Few You have Elvis Frank Sinatra Pete ….Thank You Laura Moretti For all You Do to Celebrate Peter’s Life and Talent

    • Noemi :

      I agree with you……49 years and it still brings pain and sadness….We still love and miss you Pete! RIP our beautiful friend!

  19. Tina E. :

    Pete would probably never had imagined what 2020 would have been like-I am sure none of us did. But, thanks to having to work from home, I came across Alias Smith and Jones on the tv one afternoon and the years literally melted away-I was barely 12 when he passed and Hannibal Heyes meant the world to me back then. It was good to have Hannibal as a pandemic buddy this year and I have really come to appreciate what a fine actor Pete was as well as being so progressive in his outlook about so many things. Rest well Pete and thank you for what you brought to the world.

  20. Sue :

    Another year has gone by but still dear Pete you still remain deep in my heart. With our daily stresses in life and this year being extremely hard with this terrible virus effecting so many all over our world I wonder what you would think if you were here with us today. There are so many problems in our world today which seem to me to be so much worse than when you were here Pete but maybe as I was young I just did not see the things you were so passionate about wanting to change back then. You are my forever first love.

  21. Mike C :

    I was just 10 years old and a big fan of Alias Smith and Jones when i heard of his passing . I was very sad about that and I can still remember that and my suroundings and what I was doing when the news reported it on the radio.

    At 60 I still watch this via DVD.

    Rest In Peace.

  22. Avril :

    Blessed with talent, intellect and charm…you seemed to have it all, handsome Pete. I wonder where your path would have led, had you felt able to keep going. The paths of those loving you altered too, that day of your passing – those of your family, and those of many who loved you from afar from within their young hearts. My emotional palette’s colours changed for ever. I can’t erase you from my heart….and never want to. Avril x

  23. Liz :

    This coming year will make 50 years since you left us. Where did the time go?
    Such a tragic waste of life, and talent.
    But, still remembered,
    Still loved.
    RIP Pete

  24. Duane Leach :

    I am so glad to have found this site. Over the years I have checked around for information on Pete and the program. Back in the day I was a teenager and Alias Smith and Jones was my favorite show. I tried to never miss an episode. I remember when the sad event happened very well. Strange thing was that I never forgot the day before Pete passed oh, I had a dream if something had happened to one of them and they were gone. So the next day when I heard what happened to Pete it shocked me and left an impression that has lasted almost 50 years. I often Ponder and wonder what it could have been for him if he could have somehow got the help he needed.

  25. Claudia Schauerhamer :

    I am simply amazed at the professionalism and personal touches that your site has. I have always followed ASJ in my life to some point…and have a private collection of ASJ videos featuring both the guys…but 2/3 are probably more Pete focused because of his tragic death. I am so glad that I found your Memorial to him, I have spent the entire morning reading every word from every interview you conducted…I was always a Kid Curry fan, when the show was aired and I was in my teens…and Ben’s interview was honest…I learned much from his perspective. I thank you for your wonderful contribution to Pete’s memory, and this site will be a regular watch for me for a long time. Pete, we all miss you…I hope that you have found the peace that you so desperately needed.

    • Laura :

      Thank you, Claudia. And thank you for remembering Peter. I share this page with his brother—our blood tie to a man we love and miss so much. ❤️

    • Noemi :

      Yes definitely thank you for your comments and welcome to Pete’s memorial website we all love him and love Laura for keeping his memory alive it’s an honor thank you so much

  26. Carrie :

    I recently found Love on a Rooftop on YouTube and was taken by such a talented and handsome man that he was. Also he was so concerned about the environment. Such a shame that it still is under threat today. I have been reading your site and other information on him. I feel very sorry for Roger Davis, but would love to know what happened to his girlfriend Dianne. She seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Lovely memorial site.

    • Laura :

      Thank you. It’s been a labor of love for 15 years now. ❤️

    • Billie :

      She suposedly went to Mexico who knows if it’s the truth or not. Maybe she fell of the face of the earth

      • Carrie :

        Thank you Billie. She did disappear from the face of the earth; it is rare not to find anyone with Google now. I will keep looking. I also saw a clip of Peter on the Dating Game. I would love to watch the full segment.

    • Susan Gross :

      I agree. What a handsome man and so ahead of his time with his concern for the environment. I was almost sixteen when Pete Dual died and being from the UK, we were always a season behind the US. I remember my Dad telling me that my favourite actor had died when I came home from school, and I didn’t really know how to process it. I watched the BBC news at 6 o’clock that evening – I recall that it was a very respectful homage to Pete, but I was a very sad teenager. Watching ‘Alias Smith and Jones’ after that seemed surreal. I’m afraid I couldn’t watch it when the UK aired the first series with Pete Duel’s replacement.
      This is a lovely and very respectful site to a wonderful and sensitive man whose career was cut tragically short.
      Well done to you and thank you.

      • Laura :

        Thank you very much, Susan. Your kind words and your fondness and memory of Pete is what keeps him alive for us all. -Laura

  27. Karen Plummer :

    This Is the holiday Weekend we Remember Those we’ve Lost Yes I Think Of My Family I Miss Rick My Brother My Mom and Dad all My Family and I Remember Pete too Because he was a Great Man and still Entertains Me and Gives Me a Great Lift when I’m Sad Thinking Of the Family I’ve Lost Thank You Pete

  28. Donna :

    I’ll never forget the day he died. I was 16 years old and my family lived near Syracuse, NY. Since it was Christmas vacation, my friend Carol and I went ice skating on the frozen swamp near my house. We went back to my house when it became dark, around 4:30. On our porch was the evening newspaper. There was the headline about Pete. Since he was from Rochester, it was “local” news on the front page. Because I knew that my friend could often be fairly cruel and heartless about a lot of things, I scooped up the paper, folded it before she could see the headline and placed it on my dad’s easy chair. I was devastated, but secretly so, for fear of being made fun of by others.
    In the summer of 1977, I met an acquaintance who told me that she wanted to find his grave. I volunteered to go; off to Rochester we went. Upon asking around, we finally found the cemetery and the gravesite in Penfield.
    Sometime in the mid 1980s, after I moved away from NY, I happened to be driving past Rochester and I stopped in Penfield. I was amazed at the amount of flowers and cards I found at the gravesite, although many years had passed.
    I’m forever grateful to the person or people who invented home video. Upon watching episodes of Alias Smith and Jones on DVD, I’m suddenly 16 and in love all over again with Pete Duel and Ben Murphy. However, I have often wondered why the producers chose to replace him with Roger Davis, someone who didn’t remotely resemble him. Did they approach his brother Geoff? If so, did Geoff the idea incredibly disturbing and distasteful? Probably so.
    Thank you for such a nice web site.

    • Noemi :

      Thank you for sharing your great story! Hope you get to visit his gravesite again soon.

  29. David A Brewer :

    I was only 10 when Alias Smith and Jones was on TV. I admired Pete Duel and Ben Murphy. I could not understand why Pete hated that show so much. After reading this website I now understand. I did not know he was an epileptic and was on meds that worsen his depression. I loved Peter when i was a child and was heartbroken like all others. God Bless you Peter may Jesus heal your condition. See you in heaven. Until then I will still miss you.

  30. Roxanne Johnston :

    I was a teenager when Alias Smith & Jones was a weekly series, I loved it! Never missed it. As an adult I watch the reruns. I remember feeling so sad when I’d heard about Pete Duel. For him mostly. I wondered back then why someone couldn’t have helped him. I didn’t know anything of antidepressants back then but wonder if they would have helped him. We lost a great actor that day, I think his future in acting was very bright. I loved his smile! R.I.P. Pete, I hope you found the peace that you couldn’t find on earth..

    • Noemi :


  31. steve berens :

    Been watching Alias Smith and Jones on INSP. Remember watching it when I was a kid. It was my second favorite next to the Virginian. So much so I just bought the DVD set. That when tv was TV and not this reality tv. Loved watching him as an actor. He went way to young. To much talent. Was was and still missed.

    • Noemi :


  32. James Davis :

    I was 6 years old when Pete passed away. My brother and I would often watch A S&J. Pete was a wonderful actor, and could take your imagination to a different time and place.

  33. Lynn :

    Wishing Pete a peaceful and joyous Birthday in Heaven. I hope he knows how much he is still loved and missed after all these years. I remember Pete from Love on a Rooftop. I think I had a crush on him even the, even though I was only about 6. When Smith and Jones came out, he was the reason I started watching it. I was heartbroken when he died and devastated when I learned how. At 11 , it hard to comprehend. I couldn’t watch anything with him in it for a long time. I always figured I was the only one who still remembered him. I am so glad I was wrong about that. As an adult I have gone back (with a lot of help from this site) and watched much of his work. I was greatly impressed at what a truly talented actor he really was.
    I lost both of my brothers much too soon, and I know that days like birthdays can be tough. I hope Geoff and Pam find comfort in knowing what Pete meant to all of us. Thank you Geoff, for sharing so much with us through this site.

  34. L.D.Zafar :

    Thinking of you today. Words are so insignificant when the heart can say it all….

  35. Keith :

    Happy 80th Birthday Pete! You impacted my life at a young age with your role of Hannibal Heyes. I only wish you could have grown old with us for you were a true talent. Rest well as you are never forgotten. Your legacy will continue for several more generations thanks to Laura ,Geoff and your many fans. Thanks for all you gave to us!
    North Carolina

    • Noemi :

      Thanks Keith those are lovely words and I second that emotion

  36. Mel :

    What a beautiful tribute to Pete with the recent baby album..His untimely passing has always stayed with me throughout the years and reminds me how life is so precious. Watching his shows, you could see the definite talent,and acting skills he possessed and displayed with such great ease. Through these pictures, I realize the love his family had for him and the love he returned as the son and big brother. My many thanks to Geoff, his wife Jacqueline and Pam for sharing such tender and loving family pictures with his fans. Pete’s memory and life are not forgotten..

  37. Avril :

    Loved and remembered by so many. Your star shines on, Pete. xx

  38. Denise :

    Still remember Peter Duel, I was only 2 when he passed but watched all the re-runs as a kid. First crush, happy memories x

  39. Denise :

    Still remember fondly Peter Duel. I was only 2 when he passed but I remember the re-runs when I was a kid. First crush, happy memories x

  40. Zilpha :

    I don’t know why I should be surprised that there are others who still remember Pete and mourn his passing. I was greatly affected by his acting and was heartbroken when he died. It was my first exposure to such a death/loss. I now live in Upstate NY, less than 2hrs. from Rochester and that area, and still remember his birthday (after all these decades!) It’s nice to see others do, too. This site is a wonderful tribute to the man and his talents. Thanks.

  41. Now :

    Thank you so much Geoffrey for sharing “Pete’s Baby Book” with us. It is so beautiful I love love it. It’s amazing how his prominent features as a baby were still there through his adult life. ❤️

  42. Noemi :

    Happy birthday in heaven Pete we still love you and miss you……..and yes- you still steal our hearts with every picture!! ❤️🌹🤠

  43. Sue :

    Wishing you dear pete a happy 80th birthday you are gone but will never be forgotten. Sending all my love to you xxx.

  44. Cathy Musz :

    Always in our thoughts and hearts. Happy birthday.

  45. Karen Plummer :

    I Want to Wish Happy Birthday In Heaven To Pete Nobody Does It Better I Think the Saddest Thing I Feel Is Pete’s Not here to Be with his Family Friends also that Pete’s Not here to Enjoy his Continued Success and Popularity and I Believe he would’ve had the Career he Wanted and then Some One thing though Pete still Feels the Love From Family and all Of Us My Love Goes Out to Jacqueline Geoff Pam all his Family and Fans Love Is all Around Pete Forever It will Always Be

  46. Barbara Caldwell :

    I was very young we you died, you made such a impact on my life watching asj. I could not understand how you could leave us. I joined the Army and went into aviation, now I understand you suffered from PTSD back then it was not a condition. I will always remember you.🐅🐅🐅🐅💜💜💜

  47. mark bouldin :

    I stumbled across this site as I realized another favorite western actor Robert Conrad has been called home. Born in 62 in central NC we barely had three local channels. Wild Wild West and Alias Smith and Jones where two of my favorite shows. As a kid of around 10 I was devastated when I read of Mr. Duels passing and I think it was my first realization of the reality/finality of suicide. Prayers to Family, Friends and Fans.

    • Noemi :

      Hey Mark welcome to the pete duel memorial site we all are pretty much around that age and can relate/feel the same you do thank you for your comments. ❤️

  48. Helen Reeves :

    I was 15 when I first saw Pete as Hannibal Heyes and was instantly smitten. I was just 16 when he died and totally heartbroken. Now I’m 64 and I’m still totally smitten and totally heartbroken for Pete – having learnt more about him as a person and watched everything else he did thanks to modern technology. Such a beautiful, talented man I love him more than ever. x

    • Laura :

      You spoke for so many of us, verbatim. Thank you so much for helping to keep his memory alive. 🌹

      • Noemi :

        Yes thanks to all for keeping his memory alive 🌹

    • Not :

      ahh Helen I think a lot of us feel the same way you do thank you so much for sharing because we all love him too

  49. Melissa :

    I only just discovered you, Pete, and now I’m mourning your passing. I love you so very much, and I pray with all my heart that you have found the peace and happiness that eluded you in this life.

    Thank you, Laura, for this wonderful site. It’s a great comfort to be with other Pete Duel fans, and know how loved he still is by so many.

    • Noemi :

      Thank you Melissa for your beautiful words yes it is wonderful to know how loved he still is by so many after all these years

  50. Valerie Wood :

    I was 13 and so loved Peter. I was devastated when I learned of his passing that New Year’s day. I have thought of Pete every year, especially on New Year’s eve, since. Not only was he so handsome and engaging, you could tell how sensitive and thoughtful he was. I remember recording Simple Gifts on my cassette player. Always remembered, always missed.

    • Noemi :

      Thank you Valerie I agree with you will always remember him always miss him

  51. Helen :

    Be at peace. You will always be sorely missed by so many whose lives you touched.

    • Noemi :

      Thank you for that ❤️

    • Noemi :

      ❤️ 🕯 🤠

  52. Avril :

    My young heart broke for you. You are loved still. xxx

    • Noemi :


  53. Pat Palmer :

    A candle for Pete tonight, thinking of him and his family, always love in my heart for you Pete x

    • Noemi :

      Thank you Pat I feel the same way we will all always love Pete and always keep his memory

  54. Susan Kempster :

    After all these years it’s still as heartbreaking as it was when I was told that Pete had tragically died in the early hours of December 31st 1971 I was only thirteen but was numb with the pain I felt for this truly talented and wonderfully handsome young man. Still love and miss you Petexxx.Wishing Geoffrey Jacqueline and Laura piece and good health and a happy new yearxxx.

    • Noemi :

      Thank you Susan we all still love and miss Pete thank you for sharing those beautiful comments with us happy new year

      • Susan Kempster :

        Thankyou noemi happy new year to you toxx

  55. Joaquin Santos :

    Dear Pete: Another year has come to past. Yet, my memories are still clear. Your sudden passing on Dec 31st 1971, still brings pain and unanswered why’s. My Prayers are with you always. God Bless. Jack. P. S. Ecology Now.

  56. Maire :

    Pete, his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers today.
    Thank you, Laura, for this website and all your work.

  57. Karen Michelle Plummer :

    Holidays aren’t Easy For alot Of Us So I Wanted to Say I have Pete’s Family in Loving thoughts and Pete’s Fans I hope have a Nice holiday with their Family happy Birthday Jesus My Best to You Laura have a Good One also

    • Noemi :

      Thank you Karen for that same here

  58. Karen Michelle Plummer :

    I Want to Wish Pete’s Family and Fans a Wonderful Thanksgiving

    • Noemi :

      Thank you Karen and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all thanks again

  59. JP :

    I had a huge crush on Pete Duel after seeing him on ASJ. I also tracked Geoffrey’s guest appearances on prime time by studying the TV Guide! The pool of TV actors was so much smaller back in the 1970’s, as were the acting venues. I wish Pete had lived long enough to get more refined treatment for his epilepsy.

  60. Ro :

    I loved ASJ as a young kid. My mom and I would watch it every week. Then one week, there was a new lead and I was like, wait, what happened to Joshua/Heyes? My mom only told me that the actor had died. I didn’t learn that he had taken his life until a few years later. The show was a great interpretation of Butch and Sundance. I really missed it. I hope Pete found his peace.

  61. Noemi :

    I am amazed that most of these comments are recent (2019). I was 12 years old when Pete died and I never watched ASJ until just a few years ago and now on INSP. I just recently learned about his death so I have been reading so much about him. It is so wonderful that after 48 years he is still being remembered with so much love … and so I now too join you all in keeping his memory alive. I have thought of him almost every day and read of his struggles 😕

    I listened to a webcast the other day regarding mental health and would like to share a few points with you all: Alcohol is considered a chronic brain disorder and a primary disease and coupled by depression is a big burden to live with. Depression is certainly one of the most common mental health diagnoses and a lot of times it’s characterized by sadness, empty moods lasting over two weeks. A person may feel worthless, guilty, lose hope; they don’t see hope for the future; they’ve lost pleasure BUT nothing scares us more than the issue of suicide and it’s probably as frightening as it can get because no one can predict it but we all know that there are factors that might serve as warning signs.

    This beautiful beautiful man left us a beautiful gift that even today the younger generations that were not even alive when he died are becoming his fans. Perhaps our big goal today is to build that awareness; really build our understanding and get us more prepared to offer needed assistance when we recognize someone is struggling with this horrible disease. Just like his character, Hannibal Heyes, trying to go straight but with a price for his freedom. Pete, too, had his own struggles, but he paid dearly for his freedom.

    Thank you, Laura, for this wonderful site and my caring thoughts to Geoffrey, Jacqueline, and Pamela (I wish I could meet you in person to give you all a big hug). Be well!!

    RIP beautiful beautiful Pete!!

  62. Rox Orange :

    This is such a wonderful tribute site thank you so much Laura for keeping Pete’s light shining for all the world to see. I loved Pete in all the roles I saw him in. I adored him as the animal-loving lovable rogue in Alias Smith and Jones and remember when he passed away that sad December of 1971. I was 10 years old and it had a big impact on me. It was so long ago now, but he was a man ahead of his time in so many ways, particularly environmentally. I treasure my memories, and because of Pete I have tried to keep the love of the natural world paramount in my life. God bless to his loved ones and to all the Pete Duel fans out there. And God bless you Pete, rest easy xxx

  63. Michelle Plummer :

    Want to Thank You Laura and Geoffrey For Sharing Remember Pete Duel With the Special Note above From Geoff From March 18 2014 it’s From the Documentary I Got tears in My Eyes Because I Could Never afford to Buy it Thank You So Much Pete was and is a Very Special Person as is Geoff and his Family I Lost My Dad in August we Watched AS&J together My Mom who Passed away in 2017 Loved to Watch Pete and Geoffrey also Lately Going through My Grief of My Dad and Mom I’ve Been Watching Pete in Gidget Love on a Rooftop (which is a Gem I Love the Show I Watch on YouTube and DVDR) and of Course AS&J I Need to Laugh Laura and Geoff and Pete is Making Me Feel Better he was hilarious in Gidget and Love on a Rooftop they Say if you can do Comedy You Can Do Anything Pete Certainly Could I Love Watching Pete in Everything Drama etc It really helps Me Right Now I’m Not having the Best time Right Now But Pete Brightens My Days and Nights I have 95% of his Work on DVD and what I Don’t have I watch here or on YouTube Geoff I Know You and Your Family Know What a Wonderful Man You have in Pete Memories Etc and I always Get the impression it Runs in Your Family Geoff You were Great in Chisium and the Rebellious Youth Rolls I’ve Seen about Everything You’ve Done also I Just Want to Thank You Again For Being Genorious in Sharing Your Memories I Started Watching AS&J in January on INSP With My Dad who Liked it a Long Time I’ve Come Late to Pete But I’m Proud to be here I’d Known about Both You and Pete Before But I Really Got into Pete in January and I’ve Gone Back and Watched all of Pete’s Work Yours Too I Lost My Brother Rick at 24 in 1991 we’re only a Year apart in age We were Very Close he Died From a Cereberall hemerage it was a Shock he was Fine one minute and the Next Tragedy Geoff Thank You I Love the Portion of the Remembering Pete Documentary You Shared here Thank You and Laura and Thank You Pete For Making Me Feel Better God Bless You

  64. Michelle Plummer :

    Happy Labor Day Weekend Laura and Pete’s Family and Fans

    • 4HHeyes :

      Happy Labor Day Weekend back to you from all of us, Michelle!

  65. Rose Ferrara-Love :

    I loved AS&J, while I shared the same birthday as Ben Murphy, Pete was the heartthrob. I still have the 45rpm of his poetry. the other side had him singing “Simple Gifts”

  66. Linda :

    My husband and I visited Pete’s grave last Friday, July 26, 2019. It was such a peaceful place. We cleared away some weeds on the edges of his name, and I left some Sunflowers. I love you Pete, always will. I was 15 when AS&J first aired, and 63 when it started airing again on INSP. I still felt like that 15 year old, crazy about you all over again. We plan to make it an annual trip. Can’t wait till next summer to visit again. Till then…

    • Michelle Plummer :

      Thanks For Sharing this

    • Noemi :

      Hi Linda: I live about 4 hours away from Penfield (❤️❤️❤️ NY) and I too plan to visit his grave site soon and also make it an annual thing perhaps I’ll meet you and your husband there one day. Do you always go on July 26th?

  67. Kathy :

    Still watching your show Alias Smith and Jones. Had a huge crush on you in 1971. Such a great actor.

  68. Jackie Steer :

    Pete, you were my 1st heartthrob. You took your own life on my 8th birthday& even at such a young age, I understood how sadness felt in that you had been so unhappy death seemed like your only release. Your smile has never been beaten and I doubt that it ever will be. Rest peacefully, beautiful Pete. God bless.

  69. Glenn :

    I still watch the series it brings great joy to me seeing actors with such chemistry in a series that was about good stories.
    But listening to pete duels one liners are priceless such a pity no one was their to help him when he most needed it.
    Its strange when you watch pete duel acting as it brings mixed emotions of happiness and sadness I will always indebted to him for great memories.thank you so much.

  70. Michelle Plummer :

    I Received the Picturing Pete Duel Book it’s a Beautiful Book Laura You Did A Wonderful Job on it I’m Sure Pete’s Family Appreciated it as well I May Buy the Book In Pete’s Own Words Book Sometime

  71. Michelle Plummer :

    To all the Pete Duel Fans have a Nice 4th of July Weekend

  72. Michelle Plummer :

    I Want to Thank Laura Geoffrey and Jacqueline Duel for the Great Work Putting Together the Pete Duel Picture Collection Book With Three hundred pictures I Just received Mine today I Love it of Course I’m gonna order the Other one in the Near Future it’s REALLY AWESOME THANK YOU

  73. Michelle Plummer :

    I’m Now Reading the 2nd Edition of Pete Duel the Biography by Paul Green I Read in there Pete Said in a interview with the Los Angeles Times December 1971 8)8 I’ve Enjoyed this Odd Show We got Good People It’s Not the Show it’s the System You Finish One Show and Start the Next one the Next Morning Pete Commenting on doing Alias Smith and Jones Yes it was the Schedule

  74. Kathleen Pfeiffer :

    I remember having my first crush on him when he appeared in Love on a Rooftop in the 1960’s. I was 17 when he died and remember being so gutted. Such a nice man and talented actor. I’m sorry he was in such pain that he couldn’t continue in this world but glad to see he is still remembered and loved beyond his immediate family. RIP Pete and thank you for the memories. Glad there are reruns and vidoes. You still shine.

  75. Michelle Plummer :

    I Wanted to Wish Everyone a Nice Memorial Day Weekend for Remembering our Loved ones we’ve lost And to Laura who always does a great job on this Site for Remembering Pete I Love all the Nice Comments Thank You

  76. Debra Aellig :

    I just began watching reruns of Alias Smith and Jones! I was 11 years old when Pete Duel died and I grieve for him and his dear family to this day. I’m 59 years old and still have my scrapbook of the photos from Alias Smith and Jones. What a sad time for his brother and sister and family. Pete Duel was magnetic, handsome, funny, and seemed a very genuine person. I will miss him always and will continue to miss what could have been. Hugs from an older teen fan, Debbie

  77. Mary :

    When I was 13 you left this world. I loved you as a child and I love you now as a grown woman. I cannot help but wonder if you could have gotten the help you so desperately needed, would you have made it. Would you still be alive sharing the extraordinary talents you possessed with the world. Would you have had a family. You are missed.

  78. Michelle Plummer :

    I have a theory on the reason Pete had a problem doing Alias Smith and Jones I could be wrong but I don’t think it was the show it self because he had done other series but when you do a half hour Show it’s different a half hour Show is 9 to 5schedule with a week off with a hour Show twelve to fifteen hour days I’ve read in the material here Pete resented school taking his freedom it could’ve been any hour long show and it would be the same result no time for other roles like there is with a half hour Show just a theory but something to think about

  79. Mary Ware :

    Poor man. So much potential. He had great ability, Great opportunities. Problems in his life just began to snowball. He had the strength of psychology to work all of it out. His health…just too much against him. God Bless someone who gave everything he had to be a winner. That is why he was so loved by fans.

  80. Ruby Boone :

    I am 81 and I started watching the Virginian last year. Last night I saw this beautiful young man that God created. Most beautiful eyes and a smile that lit up the world. He could say things with his eyes and smile more than most actors do with their physical actions. I didn’t watch much television back then because I was busy with two kids and working so I never heard of him. I am two years Older than he was. I do not understand why movie producers didn’t pick him up for major movies. Anyway, thank you for this site, now I can see him anytime I want. Ruby

    • Michelle Plummer :

      I Love What you said here and I agree Pete Duel Shined in this World

  81. Michelle Plummer :

    I want to thank Geoffrey for sharing memories of his father in the Remembrance section it’s never easy to lose Loved Ones I lost my Mom in December 2017, and My Brother Rick in 1991 at 24 I was close to both I appreciate the Deuel Family for sharing of Photographs, Videos and everything that you do on this page with Laura Moretti after reading Paul Green’s book about Pete I Missed him he was a good person always Gracious with his Fans sign Autographs I recently just started watching Alias Smith and Jones and I got Pete’s Biography I want to watch more of Pete’s work in fact in Geoff’s remembrance of his Dad it was mentioned that Pamela lives in Valley Forge Pa well I live in Phoenixville about Ten minutes from there it’s just a small world When you read about Pete and his Family it’s like you’ve always known them because they’re so Down to Earth Right Now I take care of my Dad he’s 86 years old he has Early Dementia it progressed after he lost my Mom they were married 61 years Thank You Geoff and Your Family

  82. Bonnie :

    I use to watch Alias Smith and Jones when I was a 13 year old girl. Loved the show very much and Pete had me hooked on day one of watching the show!!!! Those beautiful brown eyes, dimpled smile and his little turned up nose could make any girl swoon and that was me every time I watched the show. Have just now been able to watch the show again on the western channel and now at 60 yrs old he still makes me swoon. So sorry his life was cut short but his memories and movies will always stand the test of time. Thanks for the memories and love you always.

  83. Michelle Plummer :

    I have question Any fan can answer but especially his brother Geoffrey and his sister Pamela What do you think Pete would say or feel about people still remembering him after all this time I Think he’d be very Surprised and appreciate that people still cared and we’re still watching him and his work

  84. Michelle Plummer :

    I just read the Paul Green Book about Pete it was a Sad end to such a good human being with such a great Talent not many are remembered some forty years later only the Special ones and Pete was and is Special

  85. Rose :

    I remember watching Alias Smith and Jones. I always looked forward to it. Even at a young age I imagined myself living in that era. You made time come alive. Dreams come true. I was heartbroken when I found out what happened. You will always be remembered with love !

  86. Rachel West :

    I loved you on Alias Smith and Jones when I was a child. I had a very difficult childhood and in my child brain you used to talk to me and keep me calm and feeling safe. I was 6 or 7yrs when you died and to me you were Hannibal Hayes, you brought him to life for me. When I grew up I learnt how you were dealing with your own problems and I was sad to hear you were not happy but inspired by your drive to try to remain healthy. Thank you for making a character who contained all the characteristics that were lacking in the adults around me.

    • Rod Pastor :

      I loved Peter Deuel on Alias Smith and Jones also. He was funny and very entertaining. I was 19 when he died and I was really sad. I had a severe head injury during the Vietnam war when I was in the Air Force and I have felt like ending my life, but I didn’t. Watching the reruns of Alias Smith and Jones has been really nice.

  87. Michelle M :

    You will always be great to me …



  89. Joyce J :

    I recently lost my husband of 55+ years to cancer and we enjoyed watching reruns of Alias Smith and Jones together. Was sad to learn Pete Duel was no longer with us. May he rest in peace – his acting is some of the best I’ve seen for those early days. Thank you Pete and Ben for putting a smile on my face with some of your humor from the series. Love you guys!

  90. Maureen Flannigan :

    To the family of Dr. Deuel: I worked at Kodak’s Elmgrove Plant in Rochester, NY. Your dad was my doctor. I had severe asthma and he took such good care of me. The asthma was so severe, I had to carry my own injections. I remember when Peter passed away and my heart broke for him and his family. I often thought of both of them throughout the years. I went on the internet and found this wonderful writeup on Dr. Deuel. You were one of the best Dr. Deuel!.

  91. Sherry Smith :


  92. Eddie & Ana Riddle :

    Didn’t know you but I knew you. I suffered from some of the same demons as you at about some of the same time. I left the military after ‘Nam in ’69 and dove right in. I’ve been reintroduced to Smith and Jones on “Saddle up Weekends” and man I miss you, like Hendrix and Janis. But dude, You live on.
    Adios Bro,

  93. Agneta :

    Here comes a delayed birthdaygeetings on Your 79th birthday!!!!!
    Still miss you after all these years you`ve been gone.
    You were the best, you had it all!!! Love you always!!
    Agneta- Sweden

    • Sheryl Noble :

      In my early 70’s and am watching Pete Duel in SMith and JOnes LOVE THIS, was raising kids in the 70’s and never saw these shows. Pete could have gone on a had a great career the way Ben Murphy did. So sorry to have you gone Pete. Loved those dimples.

  94. michelle keller :

    darling pete happy birthday in heaven always miss tou always in my heart love mchelle keller in las vegas .

  95. Johanna Roy :

    You might be gone but your greatness will never be forgotten Happy 79th Birthday

  96. Kathe C :

    Miss You Pete. Happy Birthday. Always loved and your family,friends and fans.

  97. Reonita Heller :

    van harte gefeliciteerd lieve Pete, uit het oog maar niet uit het hart

  98. Avril :

    Always in our hearts, Pete. XX

  99. Karen :

    Happy Birthday Pete…. I was 11 years old when you left this world. I always wonder if you where still here what you would of accomplished in this world, with those good looks and charisma you had on the screen. i believe you would done alot in the ecology make our environment a much better place to live. You are truly missed and loved by so many people. peace and love Pete

  100. Susan Kempster :

    Happy Birthday dear pete love you alwaysXx.

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