Alias Smith and Jones

I add episodes when time allows so please check back and wish me luck!

Videos may take a few minutes to begin playing. Please be patient. Thank you.

Season One


Comments (6)

  1. Lynda :

    Love the new site Laura. Thank you for keeping Pete’s memory alive. Pete is still missed as much today as ever.

  2. Wil :

    Hi Laura.
    Can’t wait for the other episodes, very cool.


  3. Vicki :

    Hi Laura,

    Putting ASJ episodes on the site is totally awesome! I look forward to them. Thanks for all your hard work for the site. We all miss Pete.

    • 4HHeyes :

      It’s my pleasure, Vicki! I’m happy to know someone’s watching them, too.

  4. cindy :

    Hi Laura

    How cool. Good luck. Love you, my friend.

    • 4HHeyes :

      Thank you, Cindy! So nice to hear from you!

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