Guest Appearances (Video)

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  1. Barbara Leshowitz :

    Hi Laura! I know how busy you are with your websites, not to mention all of your efforts for animals. You are one of the most remarkable people I know. Just wanted to add my thanks for reposting these videos in greater clarity and continuing to take the time, caring and effort to keep Peter’s legacy alive.

    • 4HHeyes :

      You are so sweet, Barbara. I would devote all day every day to this site if I could. I do have so much more to add… if life just wouldn’t get in the way! Thank you again. It’s a pleasure to share it when I do. -Laura

  2. Susan kern :

    So very glad you put up Trial of a PFC. It’s always been one of my favorite Pete’s shows. I know you are busy but please keep them coming.

  3. Carol Nygaard :

    Thank you for the remembrances. I too am a fan of Pete’s. The Gift video was especially touching. I think we all know now that each performance that Pete gave us, especially in that last year or two of his life, was a gift. What a talented, beautiful person he was!

    • Pat :

      Thank you, its lovely to be able to see these. I hadn’t seen Pete in The Bold Ones, and have just really enjoyed watching him.You are right Carol, Pete has left many gifts for us.Thanks so very much Laura in sharing them, and creating the dvd collection with Geoffrey and Jacqueline-the collections open up Pete’s memory which is both heart wrenching and a joy. Beautiful irreplaceable Pete!

  4. Lynda :

    I have loved Pete Duel since I was a little girl, I am 56yrs old now. I just watched a re-run of the Virginian about the the Good-hearted Bad Man, and he grabbed my attention strait away, as always. I used to love watch Smith and Jones when I was a little girl LOL>

  5. Mary Beth :

    I absolutely loved watching these. Of course I thoroughly enjoyed watching Pete in Gidget, LOART, and ASAJ as young girl, but it’s a real treat to see him guest starring in other projects that I’ve never seen before. What a gift to his fans! Thanks so much for making these available to us.

    • 4HHeyes :

      Hi Mary Beth, Thank you so much for enjoying what I’ve enjoyed presenting here. If you think those are a real treat, wait till you see the upcoming videos Geoffrey’s brother, wife, and I have put together (available for sale in a short while). 😉 Thanks again and thank you for keeping Peter’s memory alive and warm in your heart.

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