(Season 1, Episode 7; Airdate: 2/25/71)
In another episode where the partners are split up, Heyes bids Curry farewell as he undertakes a journey to escort a woman into the Devil’s Hole hideout — at great risk not only to her, but to himself. But the money is good and, based on her sad story, he believes the woman needs his help to find her husband who has taken up residence with the gang to hide from a murder charge, which has since been dropped. Once safely in the camp, the story the woman told proves to be untrue — and Heyes pays the price by angering his old friend and current Devil’s Hole Gang leader, Big Jim Santana, whom he is trying to encourage to live a straight life. Fernando Lamas guest- stars as Big Jim and Dennis Fimple reprises his role as loveable gang member Kyle Murtry.