(Season 1, Epi­sode 12; Airdate: 3/25/71)
Another stagecoach hold-up, this time just after Heyes has smugly told a trio of female sightseers that the Wild West is no longer so wild. Heyes and Curry don’t see much reason to go after the bandits for the meager $14 they took from them, but passenger Leslie O’Hara (played by Judy Carne, Pete’s friend and former co-star in Love on a Rooftop) has other ideas and offers them $500 to retrieve the mailbag that was also stolen. It seems she has an important letter in that mailbag, but refuses to disclose what it’s about. Never able to turn down an offer of money for a short day’s work, the outlaws become enmeshed in a story of greed, buried treasure, and feminine wiles.