The Pete Duel Memorial Book

Thank you to everyone who leaves such poignant and heartfelt expressions in The Memorial Book — and for all your kind words about this site. Your kinship is extremely appreciated. —Laura

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There may be a delay between when you leave your thoughts below and when your post appears, but rest assured, the post will eventually be published. Please keep in mind that many questions still remain about Peter’s state of mind in those final days of his life. One recent question is how much of a role the anti-seizure drug, Dilantin, played on his thoughts. Perhaps Pete was a victim of a pharmaceutical drug and not so much of self-inflicted depression. Also note that Geoffrey Deuel sometimes visits this page. Thank you.

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  1. Joaquin Santos :

    Gone but never Forgotten. May God be with you. You are Loved….Peace and Ecology now..and Forever.

  2. Vicki :

    Time will never diminish the love, respect and admiration I have for Pete. The artistic ability and talent he possessed were second to none.
    I am still in awe of the manner in which he could crawl into a character’s skin and once that transformation was complete the easiness in which he could achieve it. Pete was brilliant. He was an incredible human spirit and an amazing man. There was a beauty in that man that forever
    touched a chord in my soul. I would give anything in this world to be able to thank him. He will forever remain my hero.
    He is always and sorely missed. Peter, you are loved.

  3. Mark :

    I remember Pete’s show very well. I was a first grader, 7 years old, when he took his life. My older brother and I used to count the days until Friday rolled around, just to watch Alias Smith and Jones. I still remember one scene where they wiped out their tracks with a tree branch. We used to do the same thing after that whenever we played “Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes”. When I learned of Pete Duel taking his life, it hurt. I was young, but it still cut deep. Years later, I still find myself wondering just what brought him to such despair. I hope he found the peace in death that he could not find in life. I tip my hat in cowboy style, to the great Pete Duel. Rest in peace, cowboy.

  4. Bob :

    I recently watched Alias Smith and when I heard about this memorial site, I wanted to add my own tribute to it. I think the casting of the two lead actors was a master-stroke because they were so different visually and in temperament on camera. Obviously I have no idea of their off-screen personalities and relationship but on-screen there was certainly a “chemistry” which was hard to define but easily identifiable. But for his tragic and too-early death, I feel sure Peter Duel would have been on our screens a lot more after Alias Smith & Jones had finished. I can’t.begin to understand what led up to his death and don’t want to think about how he died, but I wish I could thank him for his work which I am still enjoying 40-odd years later. Rest in peace Peter and thanks for the memories.

    • Daniel :

      I remember growing up in Ireland and being so young watching Alias Smith and Jones with my mum and dad. I recall the excitement and anticipation waiting for it to start. He was such a great actor and left us too soon. It shows the impact he made as people still talk about him over 40 years later. The reruns still make me smile. On hindsight, he contributed to my happy childhood of beautiful memories. Thank you. Never forgotten, always remembered. Rest in peace.

      • Debbie :

        Pete was a great guy! It’s too bad he was depressed and had a drinking problem. I wish his family could have gotten him help! I don’t think Pete liked himself much and had poor self esteem. He was a great actor and given time would have been better. If he was in therphy he might still he here today, who knows? He was a good guy and I still think about him. WE miss you Pete and we LOVE you RIP!!!

  5. Sara :

    Oh, how I loved Peter. I loved watching his show and looked forward to it! I remember hearing on the news late that night he had died. I was a devistated 11 year old. Home alone on New Year’s Eve, crying uncontrollably. I cannot imagine what Dianne went through, but I hope her life has been beautifully wonderful. 💞 I’m definitely going to look for the DVDs!

  6. Carol :

    To Geoff and Laura, many thanks for this beautiful memorial site for Pete. Hard to believe it’s been so many years since he rode off into the sunset. Forever Hannibal Heyes, forever young, forever remembered. Much love from Carol xxx

    • 4HHeyes :

      It has been a privilege, Carol. Thank you for keeping him alive with us. -Laura

    • Helen Spillane :

      A Horse’s Thoughts

      Where is my rider, with the dimpled cheeks, who knew each horse by name
      And, when we’d falter in a scene, he’d shoulder all our blame

      Where is that hand – that gentle hand – that lavished golden strokes
      I heard it said – within his head – he bore too many yokes

      What of that voice – with velvet poise – that I shall hear no more
      Or, cowboy boots, vintage suits, his knock upon the door

      I may have played his horse on set, but Pete was my best friend
      I prayed to talk like Mr. Ed, and help his heart to mend

      But, God enabled us to speak a language all our own
      My eyes, my stance, just how I’d prance – the way my ears would hone

      My heart just broke the day I learned – depression won its hand
      But, I believe that his dear soul awaits in that Fair Land

      Some day I’ll wake, and God I’ll thank, for I will feel Pete’s touch
      And, gallop on God’s mountainside – with one I love so much!

      Helen C. Spillane
      September 19th, 2016

      Please forgive the small amount of poetic license within my sonnet, but God’s creatures, such as horses, are very astute in relation to ascertaining what truly lies within a human’s heart. I do picture Pete, and all of his beloved pets happily reunited in that Promised Land that holds no single tear……. Amen.

  7. Melinda :

    For an amazing man who bought joy without realising and inspired many to work for the environment. A soul aching to be free.


    There comes a time to every mortal being,
    Whate’er his station or his lot in life,
    When his sad soul yearns for the final freeing
    From all this jarring and unlovely strife.

    There comes a time when, having lost its savor,
    The salt of wealth is worthless; when the mind
    Grows weary with the world’s capricious favor,
    And sighs for some thing that it does not find.

    There comes a time when, though kind friends are thronging
    About our pathway with sweet acts of grace,
    We feel a vast overwhelming longing,
    For something that we cannot name or place.

    There comes a time when, with Earth’s best love by us
    To feed the heart’s great hunger and desire,
    We find not even this can satisfy us;
    The soul within us cries for something higher.

    What greater proof need we that men inherit
    A life immortal in another sphere ?
    It is the homesick longing of the spirit
    That cannot find its satisfaction here.

    —Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  8. chris :

    Oh to have been Peter Duel
    Cock sure and just so cool
    A handsome young man with big brown eyes
    And a smile that beamed for miles and miles
    But behind the veneer lay a troubled young sole
    Clearly unable to find his role
    Concerned for the environment and peoples entitlements
    The suppression of ones creativity
    Cancelling out all positivity
    Injustice and adversity creating absurdity
    A lack of parity fueling mans barbarity
    All was not well as he sat and dwelt
    Questioning humanity and that of his sanity
    With just the sky above he no longer loved.

  9. Grace Carroll :

    Just saw an episode of “The Virginian” with Pete Duel in it! It brought back memories for me of being a young teenage girl in love with “Hannibal Heyes / Joshua Smith” of “Alias Smith & Jones”. May God bless Pete & his family. I prayed for Pete today, will continue to do so, and will keep your family in my prayers. Sincerely, A fan, Grace M. Carroll

  10. Elaine :

    Loved watching his show wish he was still here if he could have seen how much everybody cared Prayers to the family (


    I remember being really anxious to watch his show every week like it was a contemporary addiction of something unnameable.

    I was a child when I thought I fell in love with him but he was a face to my eyes and a love in my heart that I’d rather leave alone. I was totally devastated when I heard he’d died.

    It didn’t matter how or why only that he was gone for ever. And I felt I’d never be the same again. I wasn’t either. His death left me numb for years , seeming so pointless to having happened at all. I lived in a fog just shuffling through days that turned to years. There seemed to be no help for me as I’m sure he felt no help coming to himself either, if indeed he saw he might need it.

    I’m a stranger to him and he, me but television joined us all to a man who should’ve lived much longer and a talent than transcended all he left behind.

    I’m 58 now and sweethearts have come and gone. Many painful things have been lived through by me but none were as mind bending and heartbreaking as his prematurely giving up on hope. I took it very personally, but I’ve never stopped remembering him and will take his memory to my grave.

    • Helen Spillane :

      A Gentle Soul

      The glass within the picture frame protects your dimpled face
      Yet, somehow it has found a home within our beating space
      I am one of many who miss you still today
      Your unpretentious smile, your unassuming way
      I pray for you, your family – the many friends you made
      Your caring, gentle nature will truly never fade
      Heaven gained in splendor – the moment you arrived
      But, we so deeply, deeply wish – you had somehow survived
      By shining light on issues that needed desperate change
      You fostered renewed commitment that spanned a wider range
      We’ll honor your convictions – protect what you held dear
      Respect the Earth – all creatures – truths we all must hear
      There are no tears in Heaven – the Good Book tells us so
      Of your deep, eternal worth – you now, at last, do know…

      Helen C. Spillane
      May 27th, 2016

      This sonnet is dedicated to Pete Duel. Thank you for blessing us with your gentle, altruistic soul.

      • Vicki :

        Dear Helen,
        Thank you for posting your sonnet on the Book and sharing it with Peter’s fans.
        The sonnet is beautiful, touching and obviously penned with much affection for Peter; it brought tears to my eyes.
        Peter is always loved and sorely missed.

        • Helen Spillane :

          Dear Vicki, I am both humbled, and gratified by your kind response to my sonnet. I always pray for words that have the ability to nestle in one’s heart and,in this case, bring both comfort to those who read it, and honor to the one with whom we share a bond of loss and enduring affection.

          You are so correct. Peter will always be, ” loved and sorely missed”.

          Take care, and thank you again. To know that my sonnet deeply touched your heart means more than words could ever hope to convey. Helen

      • Melinda :

        Beautiful! Thank-you for sharing this Helen.

  12. Susan Kempster :

    Dear Laura I just want to say how much I love the video who you,d be today sung by Kenny chesney . It feels as if it was written just for Pete it makes me cry a little but I so love the photos of him that you chose. He was such a lovely handsome young man and although there are a lot of handsome young actors out there I’ve have never seen anyone who compares to gorgeous Pete.thank you Laura from sue uk xx.

    • 4HHeyes :

      Thank you, Susan. I couldn’t agree more. No one compares to gorgeous Pete. He had it all. The more I’ve read now about the effects of Dilantin, I can’t help but wonder how much it played a role in his severe depression and suicide. If only we could turn back the hands of time…

      • Susan Kempster :

        Thank you for your reply I don’t think us fans of pete will ever find anyone who can match pete in enyway is was and still is simply the best from suexx

  13. chris bonnett :

    My sisters had crushes on both the guys,of course me being a boy would have non of it …but it was the title music that hooked me and from then on i would not miss an episode. Seeing it again on tv and net has bought back awesome memories and made me a little sad to think that it was so long ago but seems like yesterday. Got my 9yr old son into it now happy days

  14. Jeanne Lauber :

    Happy Birthday Peter! Geoffrey and Laura have done such a wonderful job in creating these memorial websites in your honor. Even though you are no longer physically in this world, you have many, many, many fans who still adore you and love you. I know Geoffrey must miss you and love you very much. You must be really pleased that Geoffrey has done so much to keep your memory alive and to honor you.

    • Amanda :

      Pete you hold a special place in my heart that lovely smile of yours brightens up my day.missing you always.Hope you have found peace now.see you in heaven one day.

  15. Sally :

    Happy Belated Birthday Pete !!……I’m still researching the Deuel family tree….. One person who really inspired me to do a deuel family tree is my Aunt Anita (1912-2006) as she is a direct descendant of this George of the Mayflower on 1620 but the deuel families had used a different spelling of the last name….but anyway Happy Birthday I love and miss you

  16. M curry :

    RIP, Happy Birthday in Heaven!😘😊

  17. Avril :

    Thanks for all the joy you gave – and still give – us, Pete. You were a charismatic, talented and beautiful one-off. Love always. Avril xx

  18. Robbin :

    It’s hard to believe that you would be 76 today, Peter. Loved you in Alias Smith and Jones; I know it wasn’t your acting preference, but you were great in everything you were in. Loved you most of all in “The Scarecrow,” where you really showed your acting talent. Wish you were still with us. Rest in peace.

  19. DebsUK :

    Dear Pete. A very special person.
    Thinking of you on your birthday.
    ‘Peace and Ecology’.
    Sending lots of love.

  20. Hayley :

    I don’t normally post things on sites but just felt the need to wish Pete a Happy 76th Birthday. Started watching AS&J on British TV when I was about 7 and immediately had a mad crush on ‘Hannibal Heyes’. Still feel like that today, over 40 years later. Sat typing with a picture of Pete, as Heyes, on the wall next to me. AS&J has definitely stood the test of time, unlike most 1970s stuff. I could never, ever get tired of watching the truly beautiful guy. Travelling to the US, from England, later this year and will be visiting his grave and home town. I know he’s not there but just feel the need to, as I’m sure you understand. I remember hearing about his death on the news. Still so sad. Happy Birthday and thanks for Alias Smith & Jones.

  21. Marianne :

    Happy Birthday beautiful man
    You are a ray of sunshine in my life
    Peace and love to you dear Pete x

  22. Sue :

    Happy birthday dear Pete hope you have a great party in heaven love and miss you always.sue UK.

  23. linda :

    Happy birthday to the most gorgeous and talented actor that the world has even seen.,your talent was and still is second to none. Peter your beliefs just show how before your time you were . Peter it is amazing how still now how people miss and love you this is because you are very special man a man whose spirit is with us every day,never forgotten always loved. Happy birthday Petey ,be happy, peace,and ecology now lin x xx

  24. L.B. :

    I believe he would have become (and wanted to become) an Academy Award winning actor because he had a giant but nuanced style of acting that grabs you and holds you. Even in that little series, you could see his talent and what he was capable of. I am sorry the studio didn’t see it sooner and hand him a feature script which is what he wanted.

    In another life, Pete. You will be one of the greatest actors of your time. RIP a week before your birthday.

    A new (old) fan,

    • Melissa Smith :

      Happy birthday to our beloved Pete and to all the Duelies who still deeply love him. I hope he knows about our love and respect for his life and work.

  25. Sue :

    Pete you were and still are my dream valentine thinking of you today with all my heart will love you forever sue ukxxxx

  26. Wilma :

    For a few weeks now we started to watch Alias Smith and Jones again. I watched this series when I was young (more then 40 years now) and as I remember it it was always fun watching it. I think here in the Netherlands the series for very popular too. I never knew what realy happened to Pete Duel until know. I Always have a sad feeling now every time we watch Alias Smith and Jones now. Pete Duel was a man with charisma, he was funny and he was good looking. It is so sad to read the story about his life, how he felt. I think he was a good man and as he self discribed a complicated but simple man.

  27. Douglas Haar :

    Dear family and friends,
    I grew up watching westerns and when Alias Smith and Jones aired I was in I think the second grade…. I had a very best friend and he and I would play Heyes and Kid Curry… I was Hannibal Heyes, since I had the darker hair and wanted to play Heyes, my friend Mark was blond and he was the Kid… I have many fond memories of watching the show together with my friends and family and reenacting the many hours of make believe cowboys… I was totally crushed when I heard of the death of Peter Duel… I remember my dad telling me that it was an accident, that he had died as a result of the gun going off while he was cleaning it… I feel my father was trying to protect me as we lived in South Dakota and were not privy to all of the news…. I remember going through a period of denial… and watching the new episodes was not… no offense… but watching no longer was a priority… reruns with Peter Duel were treasured…. I wonder often how this affected, impacted Ben Murphy?? I cannot imagine how the family and his girlfriend and other friends felt and how they coped with this tragic event…. he had such a future and so many fans…. In reading the “history” of his last year — it seems that those who had control over his life had NO CLUE as to how popular he was…. it almost seems as though he and Ben were used…. used by the network to rake it in and hardly paid compared to todays standards…

    I have grown up to be rather like Pete in relation to his politics…. I am married to a beautiful woman who shares these ideals… Peter Duel is someone who had a very positive and dramatic effect on an impressionable young man…. I think about Peter Duel often and cannot help wonder what he would have become had he lived… Thanks for the memories! God Bless

    PS Peace and Ecology 🙂


  28. Frank Fabien :

    Having just obtained and read the biography on Peter by Paul Green, what comes across vividly is Peter’s often overlooked wonderful sense of humour and his fun-loving nature, particularly is his early years as an actor in New York.

    One astounding and unknown fact that had me roaring with laughter (as I’m sure it will to all his fans in England!) was that, in the early 1960s, while appearing in a stage production of ‘Take Her She’s Mine’ in Philadelphia, he and a fellow actor met and spent a week drinking and carousing with Wilfred Brambell of Steptoe fame! Hannibal Heyes meets Albert Steptoe; how surreal! Talk about truth being stranger than fiction! I just wish there had been a photo of it!

    P.S. Like all who have read this, I would have LOVED to have listened to Peter’s delivery of the famous line “You dIRty old man!”

  29. Peggy :

    Although I have always said a little remembrance every Dec 31 for Pete Duel, recently I tumbled back through time to when I was a huge Alias Smith and Jones fan at age 14. I started down memory lane in more depth after rewatching Butch Cassidy a month ago and hearing the line where Sundance says “Who am I, Smith or Jones?”. That got me remembering how much I loved Alias Smith and Jones back in the day. I decided I had to see the series again so got the 3 season DVD as well as the 2nd edition of the Paul Green biography of Pete Duel. I’ve just finished the biography…..learned so much more about Peter than I knew as a young fan….very thought provoking. As a 14 year old I remember watching the show at my house, with my best girlfriend watching at her house, and us on the phone the whole show watching it ‘together’ and talking about it as we watched. I think I was both a little in love with Hannibal Heyes and wanted to BE that kind of outlaw, all at the same time. I knew nothing of Peters personal struggles back then, and as most fans, was shocked by his death….I do remember exactly where I was when I learned about it. It was good to read more about his life; I feel lucky to have been around during the time he was able to share his talent with us. Peter, here’s hoping you’ve found peace and good times in the great beyond…..

  30. jane :

    It seems like only yesterday, can’t believe he’s gone but I’m thankful for all the videos just seeing him again makes me cry, will miss you always Pete you may have left our lives but you will always stay in my heart, Only you know the torment you were in but maybe for a split second that night you decided to end your life, Wish you could see how much you are loved and missed, see you in Heaven xxx💞

  31. l.b. :

    I have been rediscovering Pete Duel since I stumbled across an episode of The Virginian “The Price of Love”. I was never a big Pete Duel fan as a teenager, but I recall Alias Smith and Jones. I vaguely recall hearing about his death. Now I am rediscovering this very handsome, gifted, fatal actor. What a gift he had for acting! It’s running through my mind. Who else alive today that Pete reminds me of, his style of acting and his charm? The answer is Jeff Bridges. He is the only other actor I can think of who has a similar style.

    But there was only one Pete Duel. I am so sad he did not have the opportunity to do more movies. He should have. And I know he wanted to.
    Yet, the more I have been reading about him the more I realize that Pete was thinking about death for a long time. It’s so very strange. And his death seems as if it were a self-fulfilled prophecy. I’m haunted by him now. Especially since his birthday is one day from mine(fifteen years my senior) His Feb 24th mine Feb 25th. I feel as if I understand precisely why he took his own life and at the same time I am upset with him for doing it.

    I hope you are at peace now, Pete. But your spirit is strangely haunting. Very haunting. (L.B. 1/11/2016)

  32. Mary :

    44years. It does not seem IT.What is it about Pete that after all this time we still love him?
    His smile,his handsome face, the love of the nature.

    But he cares about all the problems of the world.And people

    I am 60 and fell in love with when I was in 12th grade ands it’s never stopped

    But we Will see in heaven and he will be more beautiful than he was before.That smile will always make smile back at him.

    Kindness and love with a little bit of sadness That’s how I will remember him.
    Love you Pete watch over us.


    • Susie :

      I was such a huge fan of Pete Deuel. I was completely devastated that night. I still remember what I was wearing that night. Out celebrating the new year. Came home, turned on the TV…..stunned……so very sad.

  33. Jane :

    I still can’t believe that it happened, my most vivid memory of my 11th Christmas & New Year holiday, terrible shock as I really really loved Pete Duel with all my heart and had posters all over my bedroom wall, he was gorgeous, and a joy to watch in the show. I think that I really believed he was Hannibal Heyes actually ! Have thought of him every New Years Eve since and still wonder why he did that, so sad, wish that he hadn’t been drinking that night, could have been so different x

  34. pearl veikens :

    sorry shocking and sad the death of peter he had so much to give he was so young he will always be young,still love the repeats of the show,still love you peter after all these years,love to you and your family,loved and remembered always,pearlxx

  35. Mary Beth Hallahan :

    I, too, like many of you, have been saddened every New Year’s Eve for the past 44 years, thinking of the beautiful soul we so tragically lost. It’s amazing how deeply Peter touched our lives back then and continues to have a hold on our hearts today. I am so grateful to you Laura for creating your site where we can share our thoughts and feelings, and for letting us know we are not alone in our persistent endearment for Peter. It’s odd yet comforting that I feel a kinship to all of you who have left beautiful memorials even though you are total strangers to me. I’m encouraged by believing Peter is at peace in a better place and is no longer tormented by the things he could not control in his professional and personal lives. Bless you Pete.

  36. Liz :

    Thanks for the new memorial video Laura ,the words seem so fitting at this time of the year,he left the party and took my heart with him .He has been my inspiration through out my life and remembered fondly always.Bless you Pete.

    • Laura :

      I kept the newspaper notice of his death for 40 years until I finally let go of it. Watching ASAJ now and still can’t believe this beautiful man is gone. He had so much to live for. What I admired most about him was his love for dogs and animals. He was a gentle soul and much missed. The bible promises us a resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous. He will be welcomed back to a much better world where he will feel secure, loved and appreciated.

      • Peggy :

        Gosh I think I still have the newspaper notice somewhere…..hadn’t thought about it until I read your comment…..not sure I want to find it though since it just made me so sad……

    • Dagmar :

      Dear Pete,

      Istill think of you and love you.
      Sleep well

  37. Rosella :

    Thinking about Peter today as I always do on New Years Eve. I thought he was one of the most talented actors of his generation and undoubtedly the handsomest man I have ever seen – I still think that to this day. I can only imagine the loss his family suffered when he died so tragically and far too young. I often watch ASJ and always think the same thing – what a waste of a unique man. I would love to have known him.
    Still so sadly missed. My thoughts are with Geoffrey, Pamela and the Deuel family today.

  38. Avril, Edinburgh :

    You are remembered with such love and respect by so many the world over, Pete. My teenage heart was lost to you all those years ago, and watching your performances now still gives me the joy I felt then. Thank you! You were a beautiful extraordinary man. Love always.

    • roblightwater :

      Pete Duel was a real gentleman. He formed a significant part of my childhood, Such a pity- sorely missed in the UK. It was never the same after he had gone. But that’s what happens with suicides isn’t it- they never know how much their actions affect other people- especially around the world in media, Poor man- I can’t imagine what must have been going through mind for him to end his own life- terrible!

    • Mary, England :

      Thank you Laura for a beautiful memorial to Pete. Such a sad day; time does not heal.
      Pete did so much good in his wonderful, tragically short life, and continues to influence and inspire after all these years. God blessed him with great talent, and blessed us all with his presence. All Pete’s family and all of us who love him are in my prayers today.

  39. Marianne, Uk :

    Something so very special about Pete
    Will never forget you, will always remember you
    Will always miss you, will always love you x
    Thinking about you as always but especially these dark days today and tomorrow

    Best wishes to the Deuel family at this sad time

  40. Sue :

    Dear Laura Geoffrey and family I just want to say a very big thank you to you all for everything you do for us very devoted fans of pete. It’s so nice that we only have to log into this site when we want to remember that lovely man. I know you are feeling extra sadness today as I am and all his fans are to when we think of what happen,d to pete at this time forty four years ago I have tears in my eyes as I write this I will never forget him ever and I know that if there is an afterlife and his looking down he would be overwhelmed by all the love we all have for him . God bless you pete you were and still are the best love you always from sue uk xxx.


    I feel ..such.. sadness for all the years that have gone by without him. He was a very special Person . He maybe gone, but never forgotten . God Bless You Peter, You will always be loved by the Millions of Fans and Friends you left behind..for all eternity.

  42. Sue :

    I still feel as sad today as I did all those years ago when I heard that pete had died.such a terrible tragedy and such a great loss of such a lovely gorgeous young man who will never leave my heart. I do believe he never meant to take his own life I feel it was as Pete’s brother geaffrey said an accidental suicide.I think it was a call for help from a very depressed young man who just could not cope no more I just wish somebody could have been their to tell him how very loved and important he was to us all love and miss you pete from sue uk xxx.

  43. Vicki :

    This week it has now been 44 years since we lost Peter. He was a brilliant performer…still no one better than Pete.
    He has always been and remains…my hero. Will forever love and admire this beautiful soul and remarkable man. We all miss you, Peter.

  44. Karen smith, bucks, uk :

    My best wishes go to the duel family. At what should be a happy time of year , the memories of peters death must be sharp in your minds. Be assured he lives on in the hearts of millions around the world. This website shows just how fresh he is today in people’s minds. My thoughts are with you.

  45. Mike Lewis :

    I remember that night 44 years ago. A tragedy for all of his family and friends, and many fans around the world. But he still lives in the movies and tv roles he starred in. Not forgotten.

  46. Gary Everest :

    Just come across Alias smith and Jones as I have been recovering from a fracture knee, reruns on itv4 in England, I watched the series when I was a kid and loved it, so great to see Pete and Ben on screen again, two fabulous actors, I felt sad thinking that Pete has been gone now so long, looking around the Internet and on YouTube it’s obvious that Pete Duel is still very much missed and loved, a part of my childhood was growing up watching Alias smith and Jones. This site is a lovely tribute to Pete.

    • Dianne :

      After almost 44yrs I finally, accidently, be there such a thing, learned of your passing this afternoon in my home of NZ. You were the love of my life when I was 9 in 1971 watching and adoring you on screen from afar and to this day I have never seen a smile as sweet and touching as yours Pete, other than in my son born in 1990 with same pixie nose and dimpled cheeks. To me you will go on living forever. Peace.

  47. Paula Cochran :

    I can’t tell you how much joy Pete brought me as i watched Alias Smith and Jones in 1971. When he smiled, it was like the sun rising and you couldn’t help but smile with him. I was 16 then and had just met the boy who would later become my husband (we were together 42 years before he passed in 2013), who was understanding enough to help me through the tragic news of Pete’s death. I was devastated when I heard the news. From then on, I no longer looked forward to the new year, and that remains true even to this day! I couldn’t watch the second season because all I did was cry. My love for Pete has withstood the test of time and even now am shedding tears over his loss. God Bless You, Laura, for creating this site so all of us who were touched by Pete could share our memories of how he touched each of us. Hopefully, reading our words will bring comfort to his family and they will know that Pete’s memory is being kept alive by those of us who loved him. As long as one of us remembers Pete, he will not die!

    • 4HHeyes :

      Thank you, Paula, for such beautiful words. These memorials on this page DO bring comfort to his brother. Thank you to everyone for sharing them. Pete is still alive in our hearts.

  48. Lynn :

    I loved Alias Smith and Jones.And Pete Duel,Such a good sad.Thank you for making this site xx

  49. Mark Danson :

    I used to watch Alias Smith & Jones with my late Grandad in the early 1970’s, he loved their antics and the sheer pleasure that we got watching the programme together will stay with me for ever. It was some years later that I learned of Pete’s passing and it left me feeling empty for sometime after. This is a lovely site and well done to you all for keeping Pete’s memory alive.

  50. cindy whorley :

    Thank you Laura and Geoff for all you do for all us and the beautiful website and Keep peter memory alive
    Love Pete fan forever n always

    • lesley :

      It’s lovely to see Alias Smith &Jones back on TV. Pete & Ben were superb in their roles. It’s hard to believe that Pete is no longer with us – he had so much to live for, such a tragedy. Bless you.

  51. Pauline :

    I have been a Pete Duel fan since I was 15 years old. On November 7, 2015 I finally got to visit his grave, 44 years after he died. His gravestone was covered with leaves that I brushed away and there was just a light drizzle of rain. It gave me a surreal feeling, but a very comforting feeling. I will never forget him.

  52. Paula :

    I used to watch Pete in Alias Smith & Jones with my family. Pete reminds me of the great days I had with my mum dad & brother & sadly now I am alone. So Thank You Pete for memories I will never forget. Bless you You were an amazing man.x

  53. Miranda Öhman :

    I loved Pete so much! Remember the news about his Death and how I cried! At the age of twelve love hearts and I remember that my father was so Cold about how I felt. I never forget Pete!
    Love Miranda

  54. kathy wood :

    I was a young teenager when I first saw Alias Smith and Jones. I didn’t know that he had passed until many, many years later. I remember seeing several episodes with Pete, swooning over his dimples and kind eyes, then he was gone. I had a hard time watching the show without him in it, I am sure a lot of fans thought so as well. When I did find out what happened, I was so very sad and taken back to that time in my life. Without knowing it, he touched so many people lives. I really wish he would have known how loved and cherished he was and still is. I pray that he is happy in heaven and free of all the demons that drove him to his death.

  55. Kellie Price :

    I’m only 33 & just discovering AS&J & Pete. Love Ben aswell, but I’m a Heyes/Pete girl. I have been watching the reruns on telly & have just bought the DVD’s & the AS&J book written by the 2 fans. What a great actor he was & could’ve been a big star. Now he is a bright star in the sky shining down on all of us. He’ll never be forgotten & is always in our hearts &; hearts.

  56. Simon Clothier :

    I remember loving Alias Smith & Jones as a teenager and it’s been great ton reengage with Hannibal Heyes on the current re-runs on UK TV. Pete Duel was an absolute master, what he didn’t say was absolutely as brilliant as what he did say. With all due respect to Roger Davis, I remember I stopped watching the show when he took over and again in 2015, episode 19 S2, the same is true. Pete Duel was a master of understatement and fantastic comic timing. Such a terrible shame and tragedy that he left us so early but now so long ago. I have totally loved watching the repeats again – thank you. Simon, London, England, September 2015.

  57. Libe :

    On New Years Eve this year and every single year since I heard that terrible news in 1971 at 5 to midnight I hold a photograph of Pete in my hand look into it lovingly and hold a minute’s silence. I hope after I have gone my family continue to remember my tribute to him

    till we all meet again Pete
    love Libe

    • Kellie Price :

      That is such a lovely thing to do. I’m only 33 so only just discovering who he was & love him already. It has made me want to do something similar. x

  58. phil drew :

    reading these words and memories of Pete shows what a talented and greatly mourned actor PD was. Discovered ITV4 running the series and skyplus to watch later, fantastic and brings back those ASAJ Monday evenings on BBC2 @ 8.10pm, sheer bliss. That smile, glint in the eyes, charm,, wit and laugh just made for such a top man,, tragically taken from us much too soon. Pure TV gold and so much better than the rubbish we get served up…..I.e. X Factor. RIP main man and keeping smiling down from your star in heaven


    phil, Dorking, Surrey, UK

    • Wanda :

      i was 16 and madly in love with Pete! After all this time I find he’s still in my heart!
      and always will be.

    • jeff whistler :

      I was just a boy when I used to sit in front of the telly watching him and his buddy, get out of scrapes I just like the two of them they were men, and I needed a dad in my life so you know kids think things, like wow if only he could be my dad, I felt so bad when he died I was just 12 or so, and going through hard times with my parents. well see you soon ok.

  59. Diane :

    I Wish ………….
    I wish I could have known you
    The real you not the ‘star’
    But I only knew the actor
    Who was ‘loved’ by me afar,
    The only ‘you’ I really knew
    Was what I read in the press,
    So I didn’t realise how your soul
    Was consumed with such unhappiness.
    I wish we could have talked awhile
    And chased some ‘demons’ away,
    Then maybe see upon your face
    That wonderful beaming smile.
    I have held you softly in my heart
    For more than forty years,
    Memories of you will never part,
    And I still can shed some tears,
    I know the world so beautiful
    Can also be so cruel,
    Especially for such a sensitive soul
    As yours dear Peter Deuel,
    So I pray you’ve found peace
    And your soul is now at rest
    As I couldn’t wish you any more
    Than tranquillity and happiness,
    So perhaps one day I’ll meet you,
    When my time on earth is done,
    Maybe for just a minute or two,
    Then for me a wish would be won.

    • amanda :

      such a lovely poem it saids everything i feel about pete.

  60. Leslie :

    Thank you Laura for putting this memorial site together ! Pete was an incredible actor who never got to see his success. Look at the numbers of fans & the number of years since his passing and all that with the amount & quality of his work having been fixed in time. Yet his name does not disappear; he is not forgotten. People still morn as if 12/31/71 was yesterday even though life trudges on. Words cannot express my grief especially for his family & for his friends & for all his fans who miss him dearly. He never knew how much he was loved & admired. He never got a chance for those better roles. He had the talent & he was gifted. We all know that he could have gotten roles he so much wanted in time. Hannibal Heyes & AS&J has been a big part of my life as Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid has been my favorite movie & the whole premise of the AS&J show being “what if…Butch & Sundance had gotten a second chance” Ironic ! What if Pete had just not pulled that trigger ? I use his life as direction for mine. Even when things really really REALLY suck, stuff changes…this too shall pass. Pete did not like doing Hannibal Heyes but look how awesomely well he played Heyes ! He did his job so well it “trapped” him in the role. But he did all his performances like that. Even on the Virginian his acting guest role was mind blowing. I hope he is at peace. I hope his soul & energy feels the love for him from around the world throughout time & it envelopes his spirit.

  61. Louise Blizzard :

    I think Pete was a wonderful actor and a deeply spiritual man he cared about the world around him and try to save it I miss him and love him always he will always be Heyes to me love always
    Miss Louise Blizzard

    • Bill :

      I watched Alias Smith and Jones whilst I was growing up and have absolutely loved watching it again recently on TV as a re-run. Pete was an absolutely brilliant actor and I cannot believe that he did not get on with Ben Murphy as they were such a great team – well at least on TV it would seem. I still feel sad when I watch these re runs but remember how happy it made me feel then and again now. What a brilliant series! Pete you did make it big time in my opinion and many others who feel the same. Roger Davis could not live up to your role and for me it will always be you and Ben. I, like many, wish you were still with us.

  62. Gary Brumburgh :

    While “Alias Smith and Jones” propelled Pete to TV stardom, his talent was obvious years earlier with a delightful, albeit brief, TV comedy series entitled “Love on a Rooftop” co-starring Judy Carne, who passed away earlier this week at age 76. The charm and charisma between the two just flowed and while it wasn’t Shakespeare, it certainly took capable actors like Pete and Judy to pull it off. The sudden death of someone like Pete always hits film/TV audiences with a jolt. We always think stars like Pete are invincible and that they have it made in the shade with their talent, youthful good looks, and money. We often forget that the human mind is far more complex. Over five decades later, the death of Pete still hits home with those of us who respected his talent and remember him quite well. RIP man!

  63. Andy :

    Been watching reruns and love the warmth and humanity.
    So long ago but still worth the weight in gold. God bless.

  64. Joseph Pace - Malta, Europe :

    Pete Duel was a great actor. Pity he died so young.

  65. Sandy Male :

    I sent a message earlier and Laura asked if I would post it here, but after reading all the wonderful things people have said about Pete, it didn’t seem enough. Like so many of you I too fell in love with the man we thought we knew from Monday nights at 8 pm. Pete had such wonderful eyes and that gorgeous smile. Even at the age of just 13, I felt love for him. When my friends and I heard the horrible news of his death we couldn’t believe it. Today I stumbled across reruns of AS&J and felt the need to Google Pete Duel and found these amazing sites. So glad to have found kindred spirits and now I don’t feel stupid in the thoughts and feelings I have for Pete still. Miss this great actor and wonderful human being. Forever in my heart. xxx Sandy

    • Veronica Neal :

      Always watched Pete in ASJ in the 70s. Such a talent and so very handsome. I don’t think he knew just how much he was loved.

  66. Myra :

    Wow! So glad there is somewhere to write my feelings about Pete Duel down which is still ongoing to this day!
    My friend used to come to my house on a Monday night to watch Alias Smith and Jones as she didn’t have BBC2 on her telly!! We were teenagers, completely smitten by his smile and we were beside ourselves when we heard of his death at a Hogmany party. I can still see the face of the newsreader as he read the news out. I hated watching him after that!
    Pete Duel was as handsome as they come and we loved him to bits. I watched (and recorded to watch again and again) the rerun on Sky tv recently. I deleted the ones he wasn’t in.
    He will live on in my memory as a very handsome man with a beautiful smile. I often Google his name in to look at his photos and remember the good old days of crushes on stars!
    Love ya Pete!! XXX

  67. Melissa :

    Pete was a favorite of mine from Gidget to Love on a Rooftop to Alias Smith and Jones, and when he died, I was heartbroken. I am only glad that his work was committed to recordings so that it will never be lost to us. Godspeed, Peter, and I hope you have found peace.

  68. bobbie :

    a great talent such a loss – currently watching the re-runs having watched them the first time round! – they are still brilliant. this is great site by the way, what a lovely tribute, a nice way to keep the memory of a talented individual alive.

  69. Frank Fabien :

    Just want to re-state a previous tribute prior to you reorganisation of this wonderful memorial site — it’s truly astounding how many tributes continue to come forward regarding the memory of a truly outstanding actor, cut short in the prime of life. As a young boy growing up in London, my happiest memories are of watching Peter in Alias Smith and Jones. His following is particularly strong in England — even today.

    I am sure all of us who have looked at this site are particularly grateful to Geoff for sharing his precious family photos of Peter. What a truly outstanding man he was, having a depth of insight as both an actor and a caring, concerned human being. The world is a poorer place since his passing, but he will never be forgotten despite his brief span of years on earth. We are all participants in the celebration of his memory. Let us continue to do so joyfully.

    • Vicki :

      Dear Frank,
      Your tribute is so eloquently stated…thank you.

    • Karen smith :

      Just watching alias smith and Jones re run. Pete’s charm and charisma smiling through. All these years later he is still fresh in our minds. I’m sure he didn’t realise we would still be watching it 40 plus years later. The programme was never the same without him. Karen smith, UK

  70. Christine Gifford :

    Very lovable guy. Adored him in Alias Smith and Jones. One handsome dude. Will always be remembered. 😘

  71. Martin :

    Never missed an episode of ASAJ back in the day, even though I was only 11 at the time, I remember being very shocked when Pete died. Having read more about him I am even sadder that he didn’t reach his full potential. Do the best people always die young?

  72. Roger Myers :

    When I was a Kid ( some while back now), this was essential Monday Night viewing in our House. My Dad always loved the Westerns, and when this came on we watched it, and watched it , and followed it every week. Solid, Good entertainment, nothing that was offensive and something the whole family sat down to watch. I think the Interaction between the two stars in Alias Smith & Jones was the thing that really made it for me, these two could have been close friends, and it seemed that way on the screen. Whether that was just the acting I don’t know, but it was wonderful. Have just purchased the First series, and will likely get series 2 & 3 also. Loved Pete Duel, he created a truly great character, and sad to ( Finally ) learn the circumstances behind his untimely death. Wonderful memories…..Great Show. Fine Actor. R I P.

  73. Teresa :

    Last night I watched an ASAJ episode. I hadn’t seen one since the series finished way back in the 70’s. Cannot believe what emotions it sparked in me when I saw Pete – I adored him back in the 70’s and I can honestly see why. His wonderful screen presence overwhelms you when you watch him. He is a soul that was meant to go back to Heaven early because of his beautiful presence. I hope even after all these years he is watching and knowing those who loved him 40 years ago still think of him and of the star he would have been on earth if he had not decided to be a star in Heaven x

  74. Robert Gill :

    I’m a 58 year old guy living in Ireland and have just watched an ” Alias Smith & Jones” episode. I just want to say to Pete wherever he may be looking down on us all hopefully from a happier place, Thank you. Thank you for the years of enjoyment and entertainment you brought into my life. It was an unmissable show and I so looked forward to it each week. Thanks again.

    • Liz :

      I totally agree with your comments and only hope that wherever Peter is, he knows how fondly so many of us still think of and remember him.

  75. Annamarie Tatum :

    Its hard to believe you have been dead longer than you were alive; yet you still generate so much interest. Your intentions were good, kind. You cared deeply about animals, children, the environment and people who needed help, the underprivileged. You were ahead of your time. You had a strong message for the world and people would have listened to you. It is a great tragedy, that you did not have the help for yourself that you tried so hard to give to others. The world would have been a much better place with you in it.

  76. Lars Erik Hjertner :

    It’s funny how often I think about Pete. He was and still is my idol though it’s gone over 40 years and I’m 53 today. I’ve been reading all memorial posts on this fine site and had to wipe some tears out of my eyes. Miss him and always will. Somehow I think he sits somewhere in the Milky Way smiling with his dogs close to him. God bless you, Peter 🙂

    • Vicki :

      Your post struck a chord with a lot of us…missing Pete and always will. His light will always shine brightly. I, too, have often thought wherever he is his beloved Shoshone and Carroll are close to him as they always have been. It is amazing after all these years… the loyalty, love and respect we have for Pete will not diminish and will never fade. Rest easy our beloved Peter.

  77. Heni Trumbull :

    I only just started watching “Alias Smith and Jones” on JONES channel, and I immediately developed a crush on Pete Duel. There has always been something about him, that I can’t explain. After researching his death, I found out that he and I are inextricably bound by depression (I have inherited Bipolar disorder) and fighting alcoholism. I am 38, therefore born in 1977, and if I had been my current age in 1971, I could have helped. That is one regret I have, although being a “sensitive”, as we are called now days, I know and sense this was not meant to be, he wasn’t supposed to make it. Rest in peace, Pete Duel – a beautiful man who never knew his true worth <3

  78. Karina Maclean :

    When I was an eight year old little girl in England I used to watch a programme called Alias Smith and Jones. I thought Hanibal Heyes was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I think he was my first love. When he was replaced in the series I was so disappointed I asked my dad why and he told me that he had died. I was so upset. When i asked how he died he told me that he had gone to buy a Christmas tree for his two little children and had been in some kind of car accident. I was so sorry for his family.
    This morning I was laying in bed and I realized I was watching an old Alias Smith an Jones episode and I could see why Pete Duel was my first love. I picked up my phone and googled his name to find out more about him. When I read about his death and how he died I realised that my dad had lied to me all those years ago as he knew how upset I would have been that such a beautiful man was so unhappy he took his own life. When I read some of these comments I knew that I was not the only one to know how special he was.

  79. Ingrid :

    I was 14 when Pete died. I’m now 58 and the pain and sadness are still very much with me,which is weird. How can a man I never met, never knew, affect me on such a deeply personal level? They say teenagers are very impressionable but this connection goes far beyond the fantasies of a teenage girl, for Pete is the place I go to when I’m feeling low and a bit lost. At various stages in my life I’ve dreamt about him, completely out of the blue and when I haven’t thought about him for a long time, he invades my very soul. These dreams are not the usual mix of weirdness and confusions that most dreams are, but very clear and simple and so real that I always wake up with a very intense memory of them, and in all these dreams only one thing happens – I’m holding Pete and he’s holding me – heart to heart – and I can clearly feel the warmth of his body and the gentleness and strength of his arms around me and I’m holding on to him as tightly as I can trying to get through to him how much he is loved. I’m sure Freud would have a field day with this, but I no longer question it but accept it gratefully when it happens. Last night was one of those times and is what lead me to this site, so thank you Laura for enabling all of us to fill ourselves up with the sight and sound of this beautiful man.

    • Gill :

      I had a life sized poster of Pete in my bedroom on the wall, strategically placed so that when I came into my room from school, he would always be there to greet me with that beautiful smile. I fell in love, quite simply with a person I thought I knew, through his acting. somehow the depth of Pete shone out of him in every role. I have watched his performances in lots of roles and how brilliant he was in his craft, so sad he left us. I think the most magnetic part of Pete was his eyes and how they looked at you, or at least I wish he’d looked at me that way. From all I have read and all that I have seen, he seems to have been a truly lovely person.

    • Tina :

      I was just watching something about Peter on Youtube. That’s what brought me here even though this is not the site I was looking for. It’s ok though because this is a nice way to put our thoughts down about Peter Duel. He was very handsome, and talented. I love him in ASAJ. I was also young at the time, but remember the series. To me wanting to be an actress, I envy him. But we all have our demons, unfortunately. He had his and they over powered him, so to say. I also dream about him, but haven’t in a while. My heart breaks for him, for what he must have been dealing with. For the fact that he is no longer here. I love and miss you, Pete.

  80. Brian G. Walsh :

    Pete Duel was such a fine actor and obviously a deeply caring man who was easily hurt by the rejection that is so common in the entertainment industry, even for successful professionals such as he. His death was a real tragedy and a loss felt by millions of fans who cared about him. I hope that he has found peace in whatever comes after this life, if anything. As I watch Alias Smith & Jones again, I often get a chill in episodes where death is mentioned by or about his character, Hannibal Heyes, alias Joshua Smith. I miss you, Pete.

  81. Barb Wilson :

    I still cannot listen to “An Old Fashioned Love Song” without thinking of Pete. He was awesome and my hero when I was 14 years old. I cried when he died. A lot. And I still think of him with a melancholy that I cannot quite define. It would have been wonderful — indeed — to see how his career would have progressed had he lived. I wish someone would have realized that he needed help. I wish he would have realized how much we loved him. Maybe things would have been different. Still adore you after all these years, Pete. Always will.

  82. becky :

    it is so strange Pete thought he had not made it, I thought he had! He was such a good actor, guest on so many shows and starred in several. if only he knew how so many years later we would still be here for him. No telling how much he could have done over the years! I just watched him on Gidget this morning, nice memories, I wish there were many years more1

  83. Vicki :

    I first saw Peter Deuel on television in early 1968; I was captivated by his performance. Forty-seven years later he is still my favorite.
    Pete had the ability to climb into a character’s skin and once that transformation was complete it was effortless and seamless. The exterior of that character was Pete but all you observed and heard was the character; it was marvelous and wonderful and I loved it! Pete was brilliant.
    Alias Smith and Jones was a light-hearted western series which did not showcase the depth of Peter’s artistic ability and talent as a performer.
    But Pete liked Heyes and we all loved him. Pete made Heyes his own…Heyes was the coolest outlaw ever.
    Pete has been gone all these years but he is never more than a thought away; memories of his performances are cherished ones. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Pete. As always, he is sorely missed.
    Pete Duel the performer has always been my favorite…he will be forever.
    Pete Duel the man will forever be my hero.
    Thank you, Laura, for this site and keeping Pete’s memory alive. You are a kindred spirit.

  84. Rachel :

    Check out a song specially written for Pete by an English songwriter>

    Love to all Pete fans xxx

  85. Marianne :

    I love your tousled brown hair
    I love your maple brown eyes
    I love your cute upturned nose
    I love your adorable deep dimples
    I love your gorgeous kissable mouth
    I love your warm endearing smile
    I love your tanned and freckled skin
    I love your imperfections of your scars
    I love your strikingly attractive features
    I love your perfectly lovely profile
    I love your exquisitely handsome face
    I love your charismatic good looks
    I love your strong manly hands
    I love your gentle but strong voice
    I love your adorably happy laugh
    I love your effortless upright walk
    I love your accomplished manner riding your horse ‘Clay’
    I love your superb acting talent
    I love your mesmerizing presence
    I love your kind and caring nature
    I love your wonderful passion for ecology and nature
    I love your ‘I can’t keep my eyes off’ character Hannibal Heyes
    I love your memorable hat tipped forward over your brow

    What’s not to love about you, Pete?
    Your natural beauty takes my breath away
    You melt my heart
    I love you for you
    I love you forever x

    —Marianne (Dec 1971 – 13 year old fan)
    Bournemouth, UK

    A poem I wrote remembering Pete’s 75th birthday for the online LA Times Guest Book. It only took me about half an hour as the words seemed to come so easily to me. There are so many lovely adjectives to describe Pete; he was such an exceptional person inside and out. I think of him every day. In my eyes, there will never be another man like him, truly missed.

    Keep up the good work Laura & best wishes to Geoff.

  86. Craig Parker :

    I was a big fan of the show when I was in college. I wrote this after Pete’s death back then.


    Goodbye Pete Duel,
    Goodbye to the bluejeans and boots
    The long hair under the cowboy hat
    Goodbye to the well known smile
    And the carefree way of living.

    Goodbye Hannibal Heyes,
    Goodbye to the happy face
    Who robbed banks but never shot anyone.
    Goodbye to the steady hands
    Who opened safes
    Or blew them open so artistically.
    Goodbye to the expert card shark
    Who only wanted amnesty.

    Goodbye Joshua Smith,
    Looking around corners avoiding trouble
    Trying to keep his name concealed
    While waiting for the day
    He no longer has to run or hide.
    So long Smith, so long Heyes, so long Pete Duel.

  87. Marianne Carter :

    Back in 1971 when I was 12 I used to watch AS&J with my dad. When I first saw you I thought you the most handsome man I would ever wish to see, but then how sad I was to hear how you died. I wish it could have been different. It doesn’t seem possible that 43 years have gone by, you were born ahead of your time & time seems to stand still now we are lucky to have the internet keeping your memory alive. Although you disliked AS&J it has stood the test of time & if only you could have seen the joy it still gives us seeing your talent as an actor shining through & the wonderful chemistry you had with Ben Murphy. It is amazing how anyone can still mean so much to so many people after all this time even though we never had the chance to meet you but this shows what a beautiful person you were. Your gorgeous smile is in my heart & this gives me some comfort as does reading thoughts from others you remember you constantly with love. You are so special, I miss you, I love you for all my life. I hope I meet you one day in heaven but I fear there will be a long queue. Peter Ellstrom Deuel, I shall light a candle in your memory tonight, sleep in peace with the angels XX

    • Mary :

      I did to in 71 fell in love with him a d now I am 60 And still tear up when I think of him.
      44 years this month.
      Sometimes it seems like yesterday..
      I think he could not handle the world the way it was and the hateful people he worked with.
      God Rest his soul

      He is a Angel
      See you in HEAVEN Pete


  88. Pat :

    I have come back to Pete after all these years. I loved him with all my heart in my early teens. There was something so special about Pete and he remains a beautiful man in every sense of the word. It is wonderful to read of the love and faith that continues for him. Thanks Laura, and God bless and keep you safe Pete.

  89. Sarah :

    AS&J first aired in New Zealand in 1974, I was 14 and thought Pete Duel was the most handsome and charming man ever to grace a TV screen. 44 years later I continue watch and rewatch this wonderful series – and I still think the same way about Pete. And of course am sorry that he is not still with us. But it’s comforting to know that so many people of all ages, around the world, love and miss him.

  90. Linda :

    I watched The Psychiatrist last night. Pete’s performance was amazing. The group session scene was electric and once Casey walked into the room it came alive. Pete had a wonderful talent and could act comedy and drama. Wish he could have hung around long enough to reach his full potential.

    • Jill :

      I watched the Psychiatrist too and I agree Peter was amazing. Having only seen him as ‘Hannibal Heyes’ before I thought it might be difficult not to think of him as Heyes. However I totally believed in him as Casey Poe which just shows what a great actor he truly was. I read that he worried about being type cast as Heyes but he was too versatile and so talented I am certain he would have gone on to be one of the greats. If only …

    • Linda :

      Same here! All those years ago I had only seen him as Heyes. We didn’t have YouTube and Google in those days but thank goodness we can access so much more today and see what a talented young actor he was.

  91. Chris :

    Watched Alias Smith & Jones when it was originally first shown, and now the repeats on ITV4. The magic is still there. I was so sorry to hear of Pete’s untimely death. A great talent taken too soon. The chemistry between Pete and Ben lives on. RIP dear Pete. We will always miss you.

  92. Christine Newsham :

    Watched ASJ when i was a young girl with my mum & dad, Pete’s poster was the only one my dad would allow on my bedroom wall & I used to kiss it every night before i went to sleep, I was only 5 when he passed, and still miss him everyday. I am in the middle of his book ‘Pete Duel a Biography’ & am really intrigued about his life. At the moment ITV4 in the UK are repeating ASJ & it’s bringing back some great memories. We may miss him dearly but heaven is a richer place for keeping him safe. Take care Chris XX

  93. Nikki K :

    I only found this website a month or so ago and as I read these tributes I realise I am not the only person who still feels the loss. It only goes to show and prove what a great guy Pete was. By the time I was watching the series (in the UK) Pete had already died and when Roger took over the role I questioned My Mum who told me why. I was heartbroken and watching the memorial videos brings me to tears. He was my tall, dark and handsome hero. Many actors have come and gone and in my teens I fell in love with them but none so much as Pete. Watching the re runs his talent shines through, he IS Hanibal Heyes and having also watched the Virginian episodes you really feel he is in those characters, that he is, at that moment going through whatever emotions that character is having, joy, sadness, confusion, torment, whatever. Pete you are missed greatly and this website pays a most wonderful tribute to the guy you were and could have been. REST IN PEACE.

  94. Alexandra Berry :

    I love the tribute to Pete accompanied by the song Beautiful Disaster. I wish I could have told you that you were loved and respected. Depression was almost a taboo back in your day and I think it was a great big stick you beat yourself with, maybe death seemed like a release. It shows the measure of the man when 43 years later your alive on memorial pages, Facebook and other media. You will certainly not be forgotten and I for one take pleasure in the fact that you were here even for the briefest time. RIP Pete x x

  95. Jill :

    I still recall my dad coming home from work and telling me Pete had died, and how I cried. Laura I found your site a few weeks ago and was overcome when I watched the memorial videos – Peter was the most beautiful man I have ever seen and he does take my breath away. It seems from searching the internet that I am not alone. It was incredible to me that shortly after finding this website reruns of ASJ started in the uk. I am enjoying watching Peter again with my adult eyes which have brought a new appreciation of his natural talent and comic timing, I wish he could know how loved he is. Bless you Peter, forever young, forever beautiful and forever missed.

  96. Pearl :

    To this day I still believe that Pete Duel is the most handsome actor ever to have appeared on our tv screens. I was 8 years old, loved AS&J and remember vividly when a class-mate told me Pete had shot himself which left me bereft. Having read books etc about Pete since, it’s hard to imagine why such a wonderful, caring, gifted and charismatic man had to take his own life. Thanks to ITV4 for showing repeats of AS&J; Geoffrey for sharing memories of his brother and to Laura for creating this website. God Bless you, Pete, still thinking fondly of you after 43 years.

  97. emma :

    He was a wonderful man and so young to go. I loved watching the show and cried buckets at 11yrs of age. Such a sad loss.

  98. Jo Waterhouse :

    I fondly remember watching ASJ as a very young girl, I was only 5 years old when Pete sadly died. In my head Pete was a tall, dark, handsome hero. Now after watching the shows again I realise that my memories were correct, he was a hunk!

  99. Susan :

    So grateful to ITV 4 for repeating Alias Smith & Jones at long last. Pete Duel was the first man to make me cry when I heard about his tragic death – seeing the series again brings back such wonderful memories of him.

  100. John :

    Watched Pete in ASJ as a boy with my late brother and have always remembered how much we loved the show. I am now passing this on to my daughter as we watch YouTube with all the shows. It still holds up after all this time and watching Pete brings back cherished memories of my brother and I am happy to pass it on to my daughter.

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